Bornholm: Capri of the North

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The “Capri of the North”, Bornholm, is internationally popular due to its fantastic beaches and almost southern-looking towns. The Danish island in the Baltic Sea can be reached by ferry from Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Family holidays in a holiday home are particularly popular. Find out what there is to discover on Bornholm, the quickest way to get there and the best accommodation to choose.

Why go to Bornholm?

Have you heard about the island of Bornholm and don’t exactly know where your enthusiasm for this particular island comes from? Or have you been planning to explore Bornholm for a while and would now like to find out more? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Bornholm: Why travelling there?
Bornholm is popular because of its beautiful landscape.

Bornholm is the easternmost Danish island and the furthest away from the mainland. Its fine beaches of white quartz sand make it a popular holiday destination. The island has an almost southern flair and is therefore known as a very special Scandinavian destination.

In addition, the weather on Bornholm is quite pleasant, as the island receives more sun and less rain on average than the mainland and the other Danish islands, which makes Bornholm’s 158 kilometres of coastline even more enjoyable. Other highlights include cliffs and rock formations as well as Denmark’s highest waterfall, Døndalen.

Holiday home Bornholm

A popular type of accommodation for a holiday in Bornholm is a holiday home. It offers peace, relaxation and the opportunity to look after yourself, which is particularly popular when traveling with children. A holiday home is also perfect if you would rather stay in a house than go camping, but still want to stay close to nature.

Campsite on Bornholm

A campsite is ideal if you want to spend your holiday close to nature. Both traditional camping and camping in a motorhome are possible. Dueodde beach is a particularly popular destination. Its fine white sand is even used for sand clocks.

Things to do on Bornholm

Hiking and cycling in particular draw many people to Bornholm. Well-developed paths offer excellent opportunities for those activities. However, the coast invites you to enjoy other leisure activities as well, such as a day at the beach with the family, a boat trip, a swimming excursion or a romantic stroll in one of the small coastal villages, there’s never a dull moment on Bornholm.

The best hiking and cycling routes on Bornholm

Bornholm has a well-developed network of beautiful hiking and cycling trails. The latter range from 19 to 32 kilometres. Hiking trails start at 2 kilometres, but the length and difficulty on Bornholm can easily be adapted to what you are looking for.

Strolling in Rønne and Svanecke

Enjoy the day with a stroll in the coastal towns of Rønne and Svanecke. The former is the island’s capital, while Svanecke has even been honoured as Denmark’s most beautiful town. Gudhjem’s small half-timbered houses attract many visitors. In Bornholm’s picturesque coastal towns, you can visit various culinary highlights such as the various smokehouses and the sweet factory and brewery in Svanecke as well.

The most beautiful beaches on Bornholm

Bornholm: most beautiful beaches
Bornholm is popular for its white beaches.

Bornholm is particularly popular because of its extraordinary and beautiful coastline. There are many different types of popular beaches. If you like it quiet and a bit green, visit Bassebo, the forest beach, which is located near Dueodde and is usually perfect for a quiet day at the beach.

Hullehavn beach is also quiet and sheltered. It even has a diving board.

The parties that often take place here at weekends should not put you off. If you prefer it quieter, then visit Sose Beach in the south-west of the island, where you will find peace and relaxation. Additionally, the spot is historically significant.

Bornholm with children

Bornholm is ideal if you are travelling with children. The Brændesgårdshaven amusement park, for example, has small carousels and rowing boats as well as animals such as monkeys, donkeys and emus. One highlight is Denmark’s oldest hand-operated carousel. Further, there is a 6000 square metre waterland with various slides and pools.

Also popular with families: Bornholm’s medieval centre and the griffin bird show. The Medieval Centre in Gudhjem is an open-air museum that offers treasure tours for different age groups, encouraging visitors to explore the entire island. At the griffin bird show near the island’s capital Rønne, a falconer shows birds such as owls, falcons, eagles and vultures. If its bad weather, the show takes place in a flight hall.

Bornholm with children
Bornholm is a great holiday destination for families with children.

On the beach with children: Balka Bay

The beach in Balka Bay is particularly recommended for young children. Not only is it sheltered, but also shallow for a long time, so you can swim safely with children without having to worry about waves, currents and depth. You will also find a good infrastructure with a kiosk, café and, most importantly, lifeguard supervision. Children and adults will also get their money’s worth at the adjoining windsurfing school.

Melsted beach near Gudhjem is a little less well-known, but also popular with children. Here, a small stream flows into the sea, where especially young children like to play. Næs beach in the north of Bornholm is also recommended.

Places of interest on Bornholm

Bornholm: Sights
Bornholm is particularly famous for its natural sights.

Although Bornholm is a comparatively small island, there are still some sights that you should not miss. These include the so-called Jons Kapel, a cave in the rock Jons Kirke. According to local legend, Jon preached here and is said to have converted the inhabitants of Bornholm to Christianity.

Bornholm is also home to the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe, Hammershus. The huge castle ruin is located at the northern tip of Bornholm, dates back to the 13th century and can be explored via the visitor centre.

Overall, there are more than 20 different museums to visit on Bornholm. The selection ranges from the Bornholm Museum to the ceramics museum in Rønne and the technical collection.

How to get there:

Bornholm can be reached quickly and easily in just 3.5 hours by ferry, especially from Sassnitz in north-east Germany. Alternatively, Ystad in Sweden is a good starting point. From there you can be reach Bornholm in less than 90 minutes.

If you want to travel by plane, you will have to change planes in Copenhagen. From there, you can reach Rønne Airport in about 40 minutes.

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