Vejers Strand: peace and quietness in West Jutland

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If you want to explore the unspoilt countryside of West Jutland , Vejers Strand is the perfect starting point. The charm of the beach town attracts families, couples and tour groups every year. Find out here what there is to experience in Vejers Strand and who it is best suited for.

Why should you go on holiday to Vejers Strand?

Vejers Strand Holidays
Vejers Strand is a cosy coastal town in West Jutland.

Vejers Strand is a popular destination for anyone who wants to experience a holiday close to nature in West Jutland. The Danish west coast offers long, unspoilt and often child-friendly beaches.

The region is also popular with travellers with dogs, as it is ideal for long walks and bike rides. The most popular accommodation options are holiday homes and campsites.

The cosy coastal town with its holiday cottages and campsites dotted around the dunes not only attracts people looking for peace and quiet and closeness to nature, but also offers a good base for exploring Denmark.

From here, you can explore the whole of West Jutland and visit major attractions such as Legoland in Billund.

Where is Vejers Strand located?

Vejers Strand is located on the west coast of Denmark and not far away from the German border, which is why it’s particular popular with German tourists. The next larger town, Esbjerg, is about 35 kilometres away. Other well-known holiday resorts, namely Henne Strand, Sondervig and Hvide Sande, are located a little further north on the Danish west coast.

Vejers Strand: weather and best time to visit

The weather on the Danish west coast is generally somewhat milder than in the UK. From June to September, average temperatures range between 15° and 18° Celsius. July and August are the warmest months. May is the month with the least rainfall of the year. For these reasons, most people travel in the summer months, when the weather is most suitable for swimming.

Vejers Strand: Best time to travel
The best time to visit Vejers Strand is from June to September.

The best activities in Vejers Strand

The most popular things to do in Vejers Strand are mainly nature activities. Hiking, cycling and horse riding on the beach are popular leisure activities on a holiday in Vejers Strand.

Vejers Strand: Activities
Hiking in particular is a popular activity in Vejers Strand.

Swimming is of course also one of the most popular activities in Vejers Strand. This is particularly recommended in the summer months when the water temperature is pleasant.

There are many unspoilt and child-friendly beaches in the area around Vejers Strand in West Jutland. Tourist taxes are not charged here.

Other activities in the vicinity of Vejers Strand include the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg and Filsø, a lake in a nature reserve near Vejers Strand.

Attractions further afield can also be easily reached by car from Vejers Strand. For example, Legoland in Billund and Givskud Zoo.

Holiday homes in Vejers Strand

As most travellers in West Jutland opt for a holiday home, these are also particularly common in Vejers Strand. The towns of Vejers and Vejers Strand offer a wide range of holiday homes to suit all budgets. This option is particularly suitable for families and larger groups. There are also holiday homes where dogs are allowed.

Camping in Vejers Strand

Camping in a tent or motorhome is an alternative to a holiday home. Campsites in Vejers Strand vary in their location and facilities. There are campsites that are no more than 500 metres from the beach and campsites that are a little further inland. You will also find campsites in the immediate vicinity of Vejers Strand that have other swimming facilities, such as pools or lakes.

Vejers Strand: how to get there

Travelling to Vejers Strand is usually done by car or motorhome. This is practical as you are particularly mobile on site. There are fewer public transport links as the town is located in a less populated area. It is possible to travel by train and bus via Kolding, Esbjerg and Sjelborg, but a taxi would then be necessary for the last 25 kilometres.

Flights to Vejers Strand

If travelling by car or train is too long for you, you can also travel by plane. However, as there are no direct flights to the nearest airport, Esbjerg, the route from the UK by plane is usually via Copenhagen or Billund. It is a good idea to rent a car or motorhome there.

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