Bork Havn: the charming Viking village in Jutland

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The small coastal town of Bork Havn on Ringkøbing Fjord is a popular holiday destination on the west coast of Denmark on Ringkøbing Fjord. The town is particularly popular for swimming and visiting Bork Vikingehavn, the Viking adventure park in Bork Havn.

Why should you travel to Bork Havn?

If you’re travelling to the Ringkøbing Fjord region, the charming little village of Bork Havn is a good option. The village offers a cosy shopping street that invites you to stroll around, the Viking harbour, where you can discover the history of the Danish Middle Ages, and the famous Bork Havn music festival, which takes place every year.

Where is Bork Havn located?

Bork Havn is located in West Jutland about 10 kilometres from the North Sea coast and south of Ringkøbing Fjord. Other popular holiday resorts in the area are Henne Strand, Hvide Sande and Søndervig. From Hamburg or Copenhagen, Bork Havn can be reached in under four hours.

Bork Havn: weather and best time to visit

The average daily temperature in Bork Havn is highest in August at 19°C. The months from June to August are the best time for a beach holiday. During this time, the average daytime temperature is between 16°C and 19°C. The water temperature in the summer months rises to 17°C, making swimming in mild temperatures pleasant.

Sights and activities in Bork Havn

Bork havn: Sights
There are numerous beaches around Bork Havn.

There are a large number of different beaches and fishing spots in the area surrounding Bork Havn. These are spread over both the rugged North Sea coast, which also offers opportunities for mudflat hiking, and the Ringkøbing Fjord, which also offers shallow entry points into the water. This is perfect for families with children.

Bork Havn as a Viking town: Bork Havn’s Viking adventure park

Bork Havn: Viking harbour
In Bork Havn’s Viking Adventure Park, you can discover the Danish Middle Ages.

Bork Viking Harbour, or Bork Vikingehavn in Danish, is an adventure park that takes you back to the time of the Vikings. There you will find a reconstructed Viking village. You can explore the Viking houses and experience at first hand how the Vikings lived in West Jutland around 1000 years ago.

This excursion destination is particularly perfect for travellers with children, as it offers activities such as archery, bread baking and making Viking bracelets. The houses in the Viking village are modelled on real finds that were excavated in Central Jutland.

On the second weekend in August, there is usually a Viking market where you can watch various show fights and other demonstrations. But there is also plenty of food and drink on offer. Up to 300 Vikings come to the Viking harbour for this event.

Bork Havn Music Festival

Another highlight that attracts numerous visitors year after year is the annual Bork Havn Music Festival. This usually takes place at the beginning of August and features both Danish and international musicians.

Holiday homes in Bork Havn

Many travellers choose a holiday home for their stay in Bork Havn. The advantage of this option is that you are independent and can also travel with larger groups or families. There are holiday homes for small groups of up to four people as well as large versions that can accommodate up to 10 guests.

However, there are different facilities to be found, so that there is a holiday home to suit every budget. This option is also very suitable for holidaymakers with dogs, as it is perfect for taking your four-legged friend on holiday with you.

Camping in Bork Havn

Camping in Bork Havn is also a popular option. If you want to spend an affordable holiday close to nature, a campsite in Bork Havn is a good choice. There are also pitches for motorhomes in the immediate vicinity of Ringkøbing Fjord. Playgrounds and sports facilities are also not uncommon.

Bork Havn: travelling by car and plane

Most visitors travel to Bork Havn by car. This is because the town can be reached quickly and easily by land from Central Europe. For example, it takes less than four hours to travel to Bork Havn from Hamburg or Copenhagen. From there, all you have to do is cross the Öresund Bridge to get to Malmö in Sweden. If the journey by car is too far, you can also fly to Copenhagen and rent a car or motorhome there. Additionally, Bork Havn is perfect as a stopover for a trip to Sweden.

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