Ebeltoft: cosy beach holiday in a historic setting

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If you fancy a beach holiday but also want to experience Denmark’s culture and history up close, the idyllic little town of Ebeltoft with its long beaches and numerous historical monuments is just the place for you.

Why should you travel to Ebeltoft?

The harbour town of Ebeltoft on the Danish mainland offers over 100 kilometres of beach and seawater, which has been awarded the “blue flag”. But it’s not just beach holidaymakers who get their money’s worth in this picturesque country town; history and culture enthusiasts can also enjoy a wealth of attractions, with the medieval town centre in particular inviting visitors to discover and explore.

Ebeltoft: Holidays
A holiday in Ebeltoft offers more than just the beach and the sea.

Where is Ebeltoft located?

Ebeltoft is located on the Jutland peninsula of Mols, which forms the southern part of the Djursland peninsula. The cosy holiday resort is located on Ebeltoft Vig, a bay of the Kattegat, and is therefore very easy to reach from Central Europe. Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus, is only around 50 kilometres from Ebeltoft.

Ebeltoft: best time to visit and weather

The best time to visit Ebeltoft is from June to September. The summer months have mild temperatures and hardly any precipitation, with maximum temperatures in July averaging around 20° Celsius. For visitors who can do without the fun of swimming, the spring and autumn months are also ideal, with temperatures averaging 8°-14° Celsius and the lowest rainfall in April.

Sights and activities in Ebeltoft

Frigates Jylland

The historic wooden ship Fregatten Jylland is moored in the dry dock of the museum harbour in Ebeltoft. At a total length of 71 metres, you can explore the longest preserved ship of its kind. Around her, you can not only learn more about the history of the ship in the maritime museum, but also about other historic events in Danish seafaring and historical production techniques for various ship accessories.

The most beautiful beaches in Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft: Beaches
Ebeltoft offers a wide selection of beaches.

Ebeltoft’s surroundings offer some of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches for relaxing and swimming. Vilbæk Strand, Draby Strand and Følle Strand are particularly recommended for families, with their shallow waters and wide grassy areas.

Ahl Strand also offers shallow water and a large and exciting variety of birds. Although it is not possible to swim at Sletterhage beach due to the strong currents, the beach is a wonderful place for fishing and walking, and a visit to the Sletterhage lighthouse is also worthwhile.

Other beaches are Egsmark, Handrup and Lyngsbæk Strand, which are located outside Ebeltoft Vig but are also worth a visit.

Ebeltoft’s historic town hall: the smallest in the world

Ebeltoft’s town centre boasts numerous historic houses, including “Det Gamle Rådhus ” (“the old town hall”), which is also known as the smallest town hall in the world. Nowadays, the town hall, built in 1798, offers an exhibition on the history and culture of Ebeltoft and its surroundings, but it is also possible to visit the bell tower or the dungeon.

Ebeltoft Glass Museum

Ebeltoft Glass Museum is one of the few glass museums in Denmark. The lively and active museum organises a number of different exhibitions of modern glass art every year, as well as changing themed exhibitions. In the museum’s garden you can visit the glassworks, where in the summer months you can experience first-hand how glass is processed and moulded.

Holiday homes in Ebeltoft

Holiday homes are one of the most popular options for a dream holiday in Ebeltoft. In and around the town, there is a wide range of holiday homes in various types and price categories. A holiday home is particularly attractive for families with children, whether big or small, or other larger groups due to its size, independence and cooking facilities.

Campsites in Ebeltoft

If you prefer something a little closer to nature and simpler, you can set up camp on one of the many campsites in and around Ebeltoft. However, this does not mean that you have to do without comfort altogether – camping in Denmark now also offers a wide range of facilities for visitors of all kinds. Most campsites are located close to the beach and the sea, but Ebeltoft town centre is often just a stone’s throw away.

Travelling to Ebeltoft

One reason for Ebeltoft’s popularity as a holiday destination is its good connections and accessibility. Whether you are travelling by car or public transport, Ebeltoft can be reached quickly and easily.

Travelling by car

Travelling to Ebeltoft by car is particularly suitable for those who like to be flexible and don’t want to miss out on day trips a little further afield. Jutland can be reached quickly overland from Central Euopre, as the motorway networks of the neighbouring countries merge seamlessly. Ebeltoft is located in the immediate vicinity of the European route 45, which runs as the A7 motorway in Germany.

Travelling to Ebeltoft
Ebeltoft can be reached quickly and easily by car.

Travelling by plane

If you don’t want to take a long car journey and instead want to get to Ebeltolft quickly and easily, you have the option of travelling by plane. There are direct flights from the UK to the airport in Central Jutland, otherwise there are often stopovers in Copenhagen. From Central Jutland, you can quickly reach your actual destination of Ebeltoft by public transport or rental car.

Train connections to Ebeltoft

If you want to get to know the Danish countryside better, you can consider travelling by train. There are several favourable connections between Germany and Denmark, for example, so you can travel directly from Hamburg to Aarhus, and from there you can quickly reach Ebeltoft.

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