Privacy Policy

If you use the services available under the domain (hereinafter referred to simply as “the services”), your personal data will be processed.

The controller for the processing is

Kamil Michna
Heilsbachstra├če 22
53123 Bonn

General information

In order to understand the processes we use, we would first like to explain some general terms:


The services use cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your computer. They contain a user ID that enables the registration and log-in process, for example, but also serves to track the pages of the service that are accessed.

You can restrict or completely deactivate the use of cookies in your browser settings.

IP addresses

IP addresses are also processed. This is a number that is assigned to your computer (or your local network, e.g. if family members share a WLAN in your home) when the Internet connection is established so that data can be transmitted. If you have not ordered a fixed IP number from your Internet service provider, this will change each time you dial in. (Normally after 24 hours.)

Many of the procedures we use employ an anonymised IP address. The last part of the IP address (1 byte out of a total of 4 bytes) is truncated. You can imagine this as a telephone number with the last digits missing. It is argued that the entire IP address, but even more so the anonymised IP address, does not constitute personal data. However, in order to protect your data as well as possible, we treat it as personal data in this information.

IP addresses often allow conclusions to be drawn about your approximate location, including the municipality in which you are located, possibly even more precisely.

Browser identification

Finally, the identifier of the browser you are using is used in various places. In addition to the actual name of your browser (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.), this also includes the operating system you are using and your end device. This is necessary in order to properly set up the web pages for you, but can also be used for this purpose, but also represents personal data together with the IP address.

Transmission to third countries

In some cases, data is transferred to services commissioned by us in the USA, in particular to Google. All of these services are listed with the EU-US Privacy Shield and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield. You can check this on the Privacy Shield Framework website. There you will also find further information on the guarantees provided, which are intended to ensure a level of data protection similar to that in the EU.

Objection (opt-out)

As you can see in the text below, you can object to the use of the procedures we use (opt-out). To do this, you must either register with the service, in particular Google, or you can simply set an opt-out cookie via a link.

In the latter case, please note that deleting the opt-out cookie – even by deleting all cookies – will result in your objection being deemed cancelled and you will have to set the cookie again. In addition, the cookie and thus your objection only applies to the end device used and usually only to the browser used. So if you change this, you should set the cookie again.

Data processing when accessing a page of the service

As soon as you access a web page of the service, various data processing operations are carried out, regardless of whether you are logged in. This is done both by us and by third-party tools used by us:

Processing directly by the services

For standard technical defence, every access to the site is stored in the so-called server logs, e.g. the IP address of the person accessing the site, the time of access, the URL and browser identification. This serves to protect against attacks, spam, manipulation of rankings, advertising influence, indexing of unwanted search engines, etc., i.e. the technically correct operation of the service.

These logs are automatically deleted after 6 months. As the IP address changes for most users every time they connect to the Internet, it is not possible to collate data over a longer period of time anyway. The data contained in the logs is not merged with user data.

Real Cookie Banner

We use the “Real Cookie Banner” consent tool to manage the cookies and similar technologies used (tracking pixels, web beacons, etc.) and related consents. Details on how “Real Cookie Banner” works can be found at

The legal basis for the processing of personal data in this context is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR and Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest is the management of the cookies and similar technologies used and the related consents.

The provision of personal data is neither contractually required nor necessary for the conclusion of a contract. You are not obliged to provide the personal data. If you do not provide the personal data, we will not be able to manage your consent.

Google Analytics (Analyses page usage)

The services use Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google Inc. to ensure the efficient operation of the services, to improve the content of the services and to personalise the content for you.

Google Analytics sets a cookie which, together with your anonymised IP address, the browser ID, the time of your access to the server and – if you have clicked on a link to access a page of the service – the Internet address of the original page are transmitted to the USA.Google participates in the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield programme (“EU-US Privacy Shield”). The data is automatically deleted by Google after 38 months so that we can also track developments over time.

You can prevent the use of Google Analytics. You can either switch off cookies in your browser in general. You may also have the option of installing an add-on developed by Google for your browser that prevents Google Analytics. You can get this here.

You can find more information on data protection at Google here:

YouTube (Integration of videos)

This website uses videos that are integrated from YouTube is operated by YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When a user accesses a website that contains a YouTube video, their browser establishes a direct connection to the YouTube servers. This transmits to the YouTube server which of the websites the user has visited. If you are logged in as a YouTube member, YouTube assigns this information to your personal user accounts on these platforms. When using YouTube plugins, such as clicking/starting a video or sending a comment, this information is assigned to your YouTube user account, which you can only prevent by logging out before using the plugin. Further information on this can be found in the privacy policy at

Google Doubleclick for Publishers (Ads)

This website uses Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), a service for integrating and delivering adverts from Google Inc. Other Google services that deliver contextual or personalised advertising and content, such as Google AdSense, Google AdExchange, are connected to DFP. DFP, AdSense and AdExchange use “cookies”, text files that are stored on your computer and enable your use of the website to be analysed. DFP, AdSense and AdExchange also use web beacons (invisible graphics). These web beacons allow information such as visitor traffic on this site to be recorded, collected and analysed. The information generated by cookies and web beacons (including the user’s IP address) about the use of this website and the delivery of advertising formats is transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google participates in the EU-US and Switzerland-US Privacy Shield programme (“EU-US Privacy Shield”). This information may also be passed on by Google to Google’s contractual partners. You can find more information here:

In addition to Google AdSense and Google AdExchange, other services that deliver contextual or personalised advertising are connected to DFP. All of these services potentially receive the information that DFP also receives.

Your rights

You have various rights that we would like to inform you about:

You have the right to information in accordance with Art. 15 GDPR.

If incorrect data is processed by us, you have the right to rectification in accordance with Art. 16 GDPR.

Furthermore, under certain conditions, you can request the erasure or restriction of processing (“blocking”) of your data in accordance with Art. 17 GDPR or Art. 18 GDPR. In principle, this is the case if the processing would no longer be permitted because the purpose or your consent no longer applies.

If there are special reasons in your person, you can object to the data processing, Art. 21 GDPR. This also applies to processing for the purpose of direct marketing.

You also have the right to data portability in accordance with Art. 20 GDPR.

You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future in accordance with Art. 7 para. 3 GDPR, as explained in detail in the links above. If consent is no longer available, data processing is only possible on the basis of other authorisations (legitimate interest, contract performance).

If you believe that data processing by us is unlawful, you can lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

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