Søndervig: discover the world-famous sand sculptures

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Sondervig, in Danish Søndervig, is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Danish west coast. The small town surrounded by sea and fjord offers a combination of the rugged nature of the North Sea coast and special attractions such as the annual sculpture festival. There is plenty to experience for both quiet and active travellers.

Where is Søndervig located?

The small coastal town of Søndervig is located on the west coast of Denmark. As it lies roughly in the centre of Denmark’s North Sea coast, you can reach all parts of the country relatively quickly from here. You can also reach the Baltic coast in less than two hours by car and less than four hours by public transport. The popular holiday resorts of Vejers Strand, Henne Strand and Hvide Sande are also in the immediate vicinity.

A special feature of the region is Ringkøbing Fjord. This is actually more of a coastal lake, separated from the open North Sea by Holmsland Klit, which is only a few hundred metres wide. Ringkøbing Fjord is around 30 kilometres long, 12 kilometres wide and only 1.5 metres deep on average. This makes it a popular swimming destination for families with children.

Søndervig: weather and best time to visit

Sondervig: Weather and best time to visit
The best time to visit Søndervig is from June to September.

The average daily temperatures in Søndervig range from 3°C in February to 19°C in August. The warmest months on average are July and August, although there is significantly less rainfall in July. On average, the water is warmest in August, making this month the best for a beach holiday.

If you don’t mind slightly milder temperatures, then the period from June to September is generally ideal for a holiday. During these months, the temperatures are pleasant, there are plenty of hours of sunshine and the wind strength is rather moderate for Søndervig. The off-peak times of the season are particularly suitable if you want to travel cheaply.

However, the region is also worth travelling to in winter. If you want to sit in a cosy holiday home or café with a view of the wild North Sea in windy and chilly temperatures, this is the place for you. And with the right clothing, walks on the beach in February are also a great experience.

Webcam in Søndervig

Sights and activities in Søndervig

The Lyngvig Fyr lighthouse

Lyngvig Fyr Lighthouse is the youngest lighthouse of its kind. It was built in 1906 following a steamship accident in which 24 sailors lost their lives. The 38 metre high tower stands on a 17 metre high dune and can now be visited all year round. There are 228 steps to climb. There is also a café and a small museum dedicated to the history of the lighthouse.

The sculpture festival: world-famous sand sculptures in Søndervig

The annual sand sculpture festival in Søndervig is a highlight. Since 2002, visitors have been able to marvel at impressive sand sculptures on a new theme every summer. In 2020, for example, everything revolved around the Middle Ages. The exhibition is usually open from 10:00 to 19:00.

Søndervig: sand sculpture festival
A sand sculpture from the famous exhibition in Søndervig.

Sport in Søndervig: Cycling, surfing and fishing

Fishing: Sea, lake and put & take

Søndervig is an excellent holiday destination for fishing enthusiasts. In addition to sea fishing in the North Sea, the Ringkøbing Fjord is also ideal. Salt and fresh water mix here, resulting in an interesting fish population. Another favourite is the Put & Take, a fishing lake located about 2 km south of Sondervig. There you will find a large population of rainbow trout, brown trout and eels.

Water sports in Søndervig

Søndervig: Water sports
Water sports are a popular activity in Søndervig.

There are numerous beaches in the vicinity of Søndervig that are also ideal for water sports. For example, you can take windsurfing and kitesurfing courses.

Water skiing and wakeboarding are also possible near Søndervig. Simply head to the cable park near Hvide Sande, just ten minutes from Sondervig.

Of course, you can also stay for a swim. The North Sea is a little wilder than the Baltic Sea, but since Ringkøbing Fjord is also located near Søndervig, the region is also suitable for families with children for a swimming holiday.

Cycling in Søndervig

Denmark is particularly suitable for cyclists who prefer flat terrain. The only thing to bear in mind is the wind, as it can get quite strong on the coast. If you don’t want to or can’t bring your own bike, you can also hire one in Søndervig.

Holiday homes and holiday flats in Søndervig

Most travellers to the Danish west coast opt for a holiday home. If you want to stay in a more central location, a holiday flat is also an option. In and around Søndervig you will find a large selection of holiday homes with different facilities and price ranges. There are also options for larger holiday groups. From simple and cosy to luxurious, everything is available.

Camping in Søndervig

Camping is a popular alternative in Søndervig, especially in summer. Here you can also enjoy a beach holiday close to nature with dogs. Søndervig Camping even has a playground and an indoor playground. This makes it particularly popular with families with children.

Travelling to Søndervig

Travelling to Søndervig by land is easy by car or public transport from Central Europe. The town is around four hours‘ drive from Hamburg. If the journey is too long for you, you can also travel by plane to Copenhagen and rent a car or camper van there, for example. This will get you to Søndervig in around four hours.

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