Henne Strand: cosy beach holiday on Denmark’s west coast

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The cosy holiday resort of Henne Strand is a popular holiday destination for families, couples and travel groups. The town is known for its long beach, dune landscape and many small holiday homes. Find out what makes Henne Strand so charming, the best time to visit and how to find the perfect holiday home here.

Why go on holiday to Henne Strand?

Henne Strand is a popular holiday destination in western Denmark. The small town is located close to Hvide Strand and Vejers Strand and offers nature and relaxation above all. The wide, long beach and the dunes offer a fantastic panorama. Henne Strand is particularly popular with families and holidaymakers with dogs.

Henne Strand: Holidays
Henne Strand is a cosy holiday resort on the Danish west coast.

Where is Henne Strand located?

Henne Strand is located on the west coast of Denmark, around 340 kilometres from Hamburg. The journey from Henne Strand to Copenhagen and Northern Denmark is similar. The nearest large city, Esbjerg, can be reached by car in around 45 minutes. The popular holiday resorts of Hvide Strand, Sondervig and Vejers Strand are also in immediate vicinity.

Henne Strand: weather and best time to visit

The best time to visit is from June to September. Then, the average daily temperatures range from 15° to 17° Celsius. The least amount of rain is in June. The month with the coldest average temperatures is February with 4° Celsius.

Activities in Henne Strand: relaxed family holiday

Henne Strand: activities

The most striking sight in Henne Strand is, as the name suggests, the beach.

It is 16 kilometres long and offers a fantastic panorama of dunes. The beach is also particularly suitable for people with children and dogs.

One of the main activities is, of course, swimming in the sea. The beach in the town centre is even barrier-free.

The advantages of swimming in Henne Strand are the lifeguards, the volleyball court and the Café Stranden with its sea view. If the weather is bad, you can use one of the indoor swimming pools near Henne Strand.

Other sporting activities include fishing, golf and, of course, hiking and cycling. Filsø, for example, a lake between Henne Strand and Kærgård Plantage, is ideal for this. The area around the lake is protected, so you can find peace and relaxation here.

Henne Strand: holiday homes

Most holidaymakers who travel to Henne Strand opt for a holiday home, as it offers a lot of freedom. You can look after yourself and have many advantages, especially if you are travelling with children or dogs.

Camping in Henne Strand

Camping is an alternative to a holiday home. Campsites in Henne Strand offer many different options for a holiday: From tent pitches and motorhome pitches to rental accommodation. Henne Strand Camping is also suitable for people with disabilities and has a fitness room and heated swimming pool, which is open from April to October. Guided hiking and cycling tours are also offered.

Travelling to Henne Strand

The easiest way to get to Henne Strand is by car. If you are travelling from the UK or any other place that is a little further away, you can also take the plane. However, the nearest airport for a direct flight is Copenhagen.

You can fly to Esbjerg via Copenhagen or Stavanger. However, it is the easiest to fly to Copenhagen and then drive to Henne Strand in a hire car or camper van.

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