Vejle: charming town with modern architecture

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Vejle is an insider tip for a holiday in Denmark. Here you will find famous architectural works of art such as the Bølgen residential complex, the Fjordenhus and the floating kayak club, which offers a beautiful view of the Vejle Fjord. The well-connected town in southern Denmark is perfect for a holiday, a stopover on the way to Copenhagen from Central Europe or a day trip.

Why should you travel to Vejle?

Vejle, with a population of around 60,000, is the centre of the Southern Denmark region. The coastal town not only has excellent transport links, but is also a great place to experience architecture, art and cuisine. Whether as a stopover on the way to Copenhagen or as a destination for day trips within Denmark, Vejle is perfect.

Where is Vejle?

Vejle is located on the Baltic coast of Denmark, north of the island of Funen, on the Vejle Fjord. Copenhagen is around 240 kilometres away and can be reached by train in just two hours. The northern tip of Denmark can also be reached by car in under 3 hours.

Vejle: weather and best time to visit

The average daily temperature in Vejle is between 3°C and 21°C. The warmest months are from June to August. Then you will find average daily temperatures of 19° to 21°C. The water temperature can even rise to 22°C in August. This makes the summer months perfect for a beach holiday in Vejle. The coldest months are January and February with 3°C during the day.

Things do to in Vejle

Vejle is particularly known for its architecture. Although the city is considerably smaller than Copenhagen or Aarhus, for example, Vejle is a popular holiday destination as it offers an interesting mix of old and modern. The area around Vejle is also popular with holidaymakers.

Vejle: Sights
The Fjordenhus on Vejle Fjord is a popular attraction in Vejle.

The old town centre of Vejle

Vejle’s old town includes several buildings that are particularly popular with travellers. These include the town hall, which was built in 1878. However, the landmark of Vejle is the windmill in the south of Vejle. From there, you also have a wonderful view of the city. You can visit the windmill in the summer months from 11 am to 4 pm.

Midpoint: The “umbrella district” of Vejle

The Vejle Midtpunkt neighbourhood is particularly famous for its constellation of umbrellas above the streets. The colourful umbrellas can be seen in many famous photos of the city. The neighbourhood is home to numerous cafés, bars and small shops. This makes the small neighbourhood perfect for a leisurely afternoon.

Vejle’s modern harbour

In contrast to the old town, the architecture in Vejle harbour is ultra-modern. There you will find the famous buildings Bølgen, a floating residential complex that has already won architectural awards, the Fjordenhus, where you can see works of art by the artist Olafur Eliasson.

Vejle: Harbour
The famous Bølgen residential complex at Vejle harbour.

The Vejle area: discover southern and central Denmark

One advantage of travelling to Vejle is that the town is well connected within Denmark. For example, you can reach the Danish Baltic Sea islands of Funen, Sjælland, Falster and Lolland quickly and easily. The North Sea coast and the holiday resorts around Hvide Sande can also be reached within around two hours.

Hotels in Vejle: from luxury hotels to cosy guesthouses

Vejle: Hotels
Vejle offers ultra-modern architecture.

For a holiday in Vejle, many people choose to stay in a hotel. Both in the city itself and in the area surrounding Vejle, there are numerous hotels that vary in terms of facilities, price and accessibility.

The selection ranges from luxurious hotels in the centre, from which you can reach most of the sights in Vejle on foot, to cosy guesthouses with Danish charm.

If you are mobile, for example with your own car or a rental car, then a hotel or guesthouse outside Vejle can also be a good option. For example, you can stay overnight with a view of the Vejle Fjord in the beautiful Danish coastal landscape.

Camping in Vejle

Alternatively, you can also opt for a campsite near Vejle, as camping in Denmark is very popular. Vejle City Camping, for example, has excellent connections to Vejle. This site not only offers a good starting point for your trip, but also good facilities, including a fishing spot and chalets to rent. Dogs are also allowed as long as they are kept on a lead.

Vejle: arrival

From Central Europe, you can travel to Vejle either by car or by public transport. The city can be reached by car in around three hours from Hamburg, for example, but you can also travel by train.

The nearest airport is in Billund, about 35 kilometres from Vejle. There are direct flights from the London airports, for example. Alternatively, you can fly via Copenhagen. If you are travelling by plane, it is a good idea to hire a car or camper van.

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