Samso: holidays on the Danish island in the Kattegat

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The Danish island of Samso (Danish: Samsø) between the coast of Jutland, the Røsnæs peninsula and Funen, not only offers many hours of sunshine, but also an all-round relaxed and natural holiday idyll. If you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or are planning a holiday with the family, it is best to travel to Samso in the low season.

Why go on holiday to Samso?


Vesborg Fyr lighthouse on Samso
The Vesborg Fyr lighthouse on Samso

The idyllic island offers everything for fans of nature and exercise. Whether it’s a cycling holiday or an adventurous family holiday – the approximately 10-kilometre-long sandy beach invites you to take part in various activities. Holidaymakers on Samso don’t just enjoy cycling or swimming on the beach. Fishing, golfing, hiking, surfing and sailing are also among the most popular activities on the island. In summer, there are various activities and events for children.

Nature and history

Nordby with its half-timbered houses and bell tower

Samso is considered to have the most hours of sunshine in Denmark and is very rural and agricultural compared to other holiday resorts in the country. Situated away from the mainland, but still quite central in the Baltic Sea between the different parts of Denmark, Samso offers not only tranquil nature, but also an exciting cultural history. The island was first settled in the Stone Age. The Vikings later used it as a meeting place. Around 125 burial mounds from different periods provide evidence of this. You can find out more about the island’s cultural history at the Samso Museum.

The idyllic main village of Nordby was voted Denmark’s best preserved village in 1990. Traditional torchwork farmhouses can be found here, lined up around a fire-fighting pond. The yellow bell tower, which rings at sunrise and sunset, is considered a monument.

Where is Samso located?

Samso is known for its central location in the Baltic Sea, which was used strategically by the Vikings. The Vesborg lighthouse on the steep shore is located almost in the geographical centre of Denmark. It is open to visitors, who can enjoy a view of the surrounding coastline.

How to get there: to Samso by ferry

How to get to Samso
Welcome to Samsø!

The way to Samso is by ferry across the Kattegat in the Baltic Sea. Due to its location, the island is even approached from the east and west, more precisely from Zealand and Jutland.

The Samsølinjen ferry takes around 1.5 hours from Kalundborg (Zealand) to the island and docks in the village of Balle. The second ferry service operated by Samsø Rederi runs between Hou (Jutland) and Sælvig on Samsø. The crossing is slightly shorter at one hour.


Whether hotel, campsite, holiday home, beach hut, guesthouse, holiday flat or holiday settlement – on Samso you will find almost every type of accommodation to suit your taste.

Samso: holiday home

There are numerous holiday homes in the 22 villages on the island – the most popular form of accommodation on the island. In the largest holiday home area, Mårup Østerstrand, there are flats right by the sea and in Mårup Havn on the west coast of the island you can rent a holiday home with a sea view. There are special holiday homes in historic Nordby, as some of the old Danish houses have been converted for holidaymakers. It is particularly quiet in a holiday home in the somewhat remote village of Langør.

Those on holiday with a dog will also find what they are looking for: Many providers have holiday homes where pets are allowed.

Samso: camping

If you want to be in the middle of nature, Samso is also a great place to camp. Camping close to nature is possible at Klitgård Camping, as the site is located directly on the extensive sandy beach. The small campsite Ballen Strandcamping is also located right by the water and most of the pitches have a sea view.

Sælvigbugtens Camping also offers glamping in addition to pitches for tents, motorhomes and the like: Spending the night in a large and cosy tent with box-spring beds is particularly relaxing. All campsites are specially designed for families with children.

Samso: weather and travelling time

Samso weather and best time to visit
Samso also has its charm outside the main season.

Clearly, the most popular time to visit Samso is in summer, as the weather is perfect for going to the beach, swimming and enjoying the island’s nature. In winter, some cafés and restaurants on Samso are closed, but peace and relaxation are guaranteed here.

It may even snow here in winter. In general, it is a good idea to travel to Samso outside the main season if you want to enjoy the island’s nature all to yourself.

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