Løkken: dream beaches in North Jutland

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White cottages and colourful fishing boats on a seemingly endless sandy beach – that’s Løkken in the north of Denmark. The small harbour town makes the heart of every bathing fan beat faster, because here there are really dream conditions for a holiday by the sea. If you’re curious, you can find out everything you need to know about Løkken here.

Why should you travel to Løkken?

Lökken: Holidays
One of the many fishing boats that can be seen during a holiday in Løkken.

Løkken is a real bathing paradise. A good 10 kilometres of beach with soft sand and shallow water attract bathing fans from near and far to the Danish North Sea coast. Whether swimming or strolling past fishing boats, bathing huts or historic bunkers – the former trading centre between North Jutland and southern Norway has plenty to offer, even away from the beach. In the city centre you will find a variety of inviting shops and museums, and just outside the city you can visit and climb an impressive shifting sand dune.

Where is Løkken?

Løkken is located in the northernmost part of the Danish mainland, in the region of North Jutland. The small seaside resort is located on the North Sea coast in Jammer Bay, which is part of the Skagerrak. The nearest large city is Aalborg, which is around 45 kilometres away by car.

Well-known places nearby are the two ferry ports of Hirtshals (connections to Kristiansand, among others) and Frederikshavn (connections to Oslo and Gothenburg), as well as the popular seaside resort of Blokhus, which is only about 20 kilometres away, also in the Jammer Bay. The capital, Copenhagen, is around 360 kilometres away by car.

Weather in Løkken

It’s no wonder that Løkken is such a popular holiday destination, as the temperatures are mild and pleasant all year round. The best time to visit is in the summer months from May to September, with the warmest month being July, when temperatures average 20° Celsius. The water temperature can also reach up to 20° Celsius in July and August. Most of the rain falls in October and the winter months of January and February are the coldest months with an average of 3° Celsius.

Activities and sights in Løkken

Beach in Løkken: swimming, relaxing, fishing

Løkken is known for its marvellous beaches, which are considered some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in North Jutland and even the whole of Denmark. Characteristic of Løkken’s beach are the many white bathing huts (“The White City”) and colourful fishing boats, which create a maritime and cosy atmosphere. The 10-kilometre-long beach can not only be reached directly by car, it also flies the blue flag, which indicates particularly high water quality.

Løkken beach is ideal for swimming or walking, but you can also go surfing here. If you want to experience a particularly beautiful backdrop, you should visit in the morning or evening to witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Another popular spot is the pier, which is around 100 metres long and offers a fantastic view of the sand and sea. This is an excellent spot for fishing – flatfish such as flounders, dabs and plaice are particularly prolific here.

Lökken: beach
The white bathing huts on Løkken beach are family heirlooms.

Former coastal battery and bunker at Løkken

If you are interested in history, you should take a walk northwards along the beach. Here you will find an extensive and interesting bunker complex and coastal battery – like many places on the North Sea coast, Løkken was part of the North Atlantic defence wall under the German occupiers during the Second World War. Instead of demolishing the bunkers, they were left to nature in Løkken – and this makes for some spectacular images, as parts of the bunkers have already sunk into the sand or are washed by the waves of the North Sea. Nowadays, there are various leisure activities on offer here, but you can also simply visit the bunkers for yourself and soak up the special atmosphere.

Rudbjerg Knude

Lökken: Rudbjerg Knude
The Rudbjerg Fyr lighthouse.

Rudbjerg Knude is an impressive shifting sand dune between Lønstrup and Løkken, which is a landmark of the region. It can be up to 1900 metres long and 400 metres wide and is around 70 metres high. The climb up the dune is not so easy, but it is worth it, because from here you have a fantastic view over the sea and the North Jutland region.

The Rudbjerg Fyr lighthouse was inaugurated in December 1900 and was moved about 70 metres inland in 2019, as it was only eight metres away from the cliffs of the dune at the time and the Danish authorities expected it to collapse between 2021 and 2023 at the latest. It is now back on solid ground and is once again very popular as an excursion destination and photo motif.

Løkken city centre

Løkken’s city centre invites you to take a relaxed and leisurely stroll through the city. Here you will not only find many inviting shops, cafés and restaurants offering local products, but also the Løkken Museum. In this small museum, you can learn a lot about the history of the small coastal town – and in the museum garden, you can take a look inside one of the bathhouses. Another highlight in the town centre is the Bolcheriet, a sweet factory where you can watch typical Danish sweets being made and then buy and taste them.

Accommodation in Løkken

Holiday cottages in Løkken

Løkken is predestined for a typical Danish holiday home. In and around the village there are many cottages in many price ranges and variations, some of which are located directly on the water or just a few metres away. However, it is not only the proximity to the water that makes holiday homes so popular, but also their size, independence and cooking facilities. A holiday home is therefore particularly suitable for families and larger groups, as well as for travellers who want to bring their dog with them.

Camping in Løkken

Camping is also a popular way to spend a holiday in Løkken (more information here: Camping in Denmark). There are a number of different campsites in and around Løkken, some of which are right on the beach. Camping is particularly popular because it is very close to nature and simple, and often inexpensive. At the same time, there is often a wide range of services and different types of accommodation – from simple pitches or tents to glamping offers, many campsites have it all.

Travelling to Løkken

Travelling by plane

If you want to travel comfortably by plane, you should fly to Aalborg Airport. There are direct flights to this airport from London. From Aalborg, you can continue your journey to Løkken in a hire car or by public transport.

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