Ystad: charming coastal town in Scania

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The small town on the south coast of Sweden is particularly well known as a landing stage for various ferries. But the town itself is also definitely worth a visit. And that’s not just because of the idyllic little houses, which are known from the crime series Wallander. Historical sites such as the “Ales Stenar” from the Iron Age make Ystad an excellent holiday destination as well.

Where is Ystad?

Ystad is a town with around 20,000 inhabitants on the south coast of Sweden in the Scania region. This makes it a suitable location for many ferry connections. Many people pass through Ystad on their journey to Sweden, which contributes to its importance as a tourist destination. From there, it takes between 6.5 and 7 hours by car to get to Stockholm.

Ystad: weather and best time to visit

Ystad: Best time to travel
The best time to visit Ystad is from June to September.

The best time to visit is from June to September, as the average daily temperature during this time is usually between 17° and 21° Celsius. The probability of rain is usually between 20% and 30%.

The lowest probability of rain is in April with 13% and an average rainfall of only 16mm.

The coldest months are at the beginning of the year. In January and February, temperatures of around 1°-3° Celsius can be expected during the day.

In contrast to Iceland, for example, Sweden is also quite easy to travel to in winter. As Ystad is located in the south of Sweden, you don’t have to worry too much about the roads being passable at this time of year. However, if you are travelling further north, perhaps because you want to spend a skiing holiday in Sweden, you should make sure you are well informed.

Ystad: places to see and visit

The small Swedish town of Ystad has a beautiful old town centre, which is perfect for walking, eating out and shopping. In the centre you will find Ystad Town Hall Square and St. Mary’s Church.

Wallander film locations in Ystad

One thing that Ystad is famous for is that it served as the setting for the famous crime series Mankells Wallander. You can find guided tours, which take you to all the filming locations. But you can also discover a lot on your own. For example, there is also a Wallander app to help you.

Ystad: Wallander
Ystad is particularly well known in Germany as the setting for the crime series Wallander.

Ales stenar: the “Swedish Stonehenge”

Ales Stenar, “The Stones of Ale”, are a ship foundation, i.e. a stone foundation that forms the outline of a boat. The Ales Stenar is one of the best-preserved ship foundations in Scandinavia. The site, which consists of 59 stones, is 67 metres long and 19 metres wide. It is located on a hill with a beautiful view of the sea.

Ystad: holiday homes

Whether you’re spending your holiday in Skåne or just passing through on your way north, a detour to Ystad is always a good idea. There are numerous holiday homes in and around Ystad that serve as the perfect base for your trip to Ystad. This is particularly suitable for families looking for space and close proximity to nature. A holiday home is also a comparatively affordable and luxurious option for larger groups.

Travelling to Ystad

Ystad: Ferry
Many people travel to Ystad by ferry.

To get to Ystad, the ferry is particularly convenient and fast from Germany. This is why Germans often regard to Ystad as a ferry town. However, it is also uncomplicated to reach Ystad by land, as you can cross the Öresund Bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. From Malmö it takes about an hour by car to get to Ystad.

Thus, if you are travelling from the UK, it is the easiest to take the plane to Copenhagen and then a train via Malmö to Ystad, or as mentioned above, you can hire a car and cross the Öresund Bridge to get to Ystad on your own.

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