Blokhus: beach holiday in North Jutland

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If you are looking for a quiet and family-friendly seaside resort in North Jutland, then you should pay attention now: The small coastal town of Blokhus is perfect for a family holiday in Northern Denmark. The surrounding area combines rustic, unspoilt landscapes with child-friendly attractions. Whether you are looking for peace and relaxation or would prefer an active holiday, you will find what you are looking for in Blokhus.

Why should you travel to Blokhus?

The small town of Blokhus is one of the most popular holiday resorts in northern Denmark. This is not only due to the breathtaking nature North Jutland and the North Sea coast, but also to its excellent location, from where you can explore Northern Denmark and Jutland.

In addition to local attractions such as Fårup Sommerland, larger attractions such as Legoland in Billund are also within easy reach or can be visited on the way to North Jutland. If you want to experience rustic Denmark, enjoy a beach holiday and have a wide choice of activities, Blokhus is the right place for you.

Where is Blokhus?

The small village of Blokhus with its 500 inhabitants is located in the so-called Jammer Bay in North Jutland on the Danish North Sea coast. The next largest town is Løkken, which is about 15 kilometres away as the crow flies. Aalborg, the region’s capital, is around 35 kilometres away as the crow flies.

Weather in Blokhus

The weather in Blokhus is characterised by its coastal location. Nevertheless, it is pleasantly warm in summer. In July and August, the average temperatures during the day are between 20° and 21° Celsius. The water temperature is a little lower, but still pleasant for swimming. In winter, daytime temperatures average around 3° Celsius.

What is the best time to visit Blokhus?

Blokhus: Weather and best time to travel
A beach in Skagen near Blokhus.

Overall, the best time to visit Blokhus for a beach holiday is June to August. If you don’t necessarily want to swim, but still want milder temperatures, we recommend May and September.

But there are also good reasons to visit in winter. The Blokhus Sculpture Park is transformed into a wonderful Christmas market in November and December.

However, the weather is cool at this time of year, so many nature activities are out of the question for most visitors. Attractions such as Fårup Sommerland are also only open in the summer months.

However, you can enjoy empty beaches at this time and have the hiking trails mostly to yourself.

Sights and activities in Blokhus

Blokhus beach

One of the main attractions in Blokhus is of course the beach. The fine sandy beach with its white-painted bathing huts and the old sea mark, the symbol of Blokhus, is not only suitable for swimming, but also for kitesurfing. Pets are allowed on the beach and cars are allowed on the stretch of beach between Rødhus and Løkken.

Fårup Sommerland: leisure and water park near Blokhus

Fårup Sommerland is a great day trip destination, especially for families with children. The amusement park with adjoining water park has rollercoasters, water slides and even offers rides on Icelandic horses in the countryside around Fårup. The park is open from May to October.

Blokhus Beach
The old navigation mark on the beach is the landmark of Blokhus.

Blokhus Sculpture Park: special works of art

The sculpture park in Blokhus is another attraction that delights many travellers with its annual themed sculptures. The 20,000 square metre site is home to sculptures made of various materials such as wood, sand, stone and metal. Various gardens and an orangery can also be marvelled at. In winter, the park is transformed into a Christmas market for two months.

Gateway Blokhus: forest playground and fitness trails

Gateway Blokhus is a visitor centre near Blokhus that offers nature experiences for families in particular. The forest playground is particularly popular with children. There is also a fitness and hiking trail and a mountain bike route.

Active holidays in Blokhus: surfing, hiking, fishing

But Blokhus is not only perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. The area is also ideal for an active holiday. The beach is ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Hiking, cycling and mountain biking tours are also popular activities in the area. Signposted cycle paths near Blokhus are suitable for different fitness levels. For anglers, there are places like the Fiskepark near Blokhus.

Active Holidays Blokhus
Blokhus is a popular destination for mountain bike tours.

Blokhus: find a holiday home

As a popular holiday resort, Blokhus has a large number of holiday homes. These are located either in holiday home parks or scattered around the town or in the dune landscape. The facilities and prices vary from luxurious holiday homes for larger groups to cosy cottages for a smaller budget. There are also dog-friendly holiday homes in Blokhus to choose from, as North Jutland is perfect for a holiday with your dog.

Holiday flats in Blokhus

An alternative to a holiday home is a holiday flat. Smaller groups or families in particular often choose this option, especially if they want to stay in the centre of town. This is particularly useful for families with small children, as shops are within easy walking distance.

Blokhus: camping

Camping in and around Blokhus is an alternative to a holiday home. This is a particularly natural and often affordable way of travelling. This type of holiday is also appreciated for its slower pace and is often chosen by families with older children and travellers with dogs.

Blokhus Camping
Many people choose a holiday in Jutland because of the nature.

Travelling to Blokhus

Travelling to Blokhus from Central Europe is usually done by car. This is because the town is easily accessible by land. It can be reached by public transport via Frederica and Lindholm, but this takes considerably longer.

By plane to Blokhus

Blokhus can also be reached by plane if the journey by car is too far. It is possible to fly directly from London to Billund Airport, the northern Danish town where Legoland is located. Otherwise, you can stop in Copenhagen and continue from there in a hire car or motorhome – in that way, you can see both the capital and more of the country itself.

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