Klitmøller: from fishing village to Denmark’s surfer’s paradise

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Where traditional fishing meets a modern and international surf scene: the small town of Klitmøller has been known as a Danish surfer’s paradise since the 1980s and is therefore known as “Cold Hawaii” . But nature lovers also get their money’s worth in the former fishing village. Find out why you should take a in Klitmøller and why it’s so good to surf here.

Where is Klitmøller?

Klitmøller is a village in Denmark with around 820 inhabitants. It is located on the North Sea coast in the region of North Jutland and close to the town of Thisted.

Activities in Klitmøller

Surfing in Klitmøller

Klitmøller beach surfer
A surfer on the beach at Klitmøller

Surfing is the number one activity in Klitmøller, as there is almost always wind and waves. The North Sea meets the Atlantic current from Iceland and the Faroe Islands here. These conditions have earned Klitmøller the name “Cold Hawaii”, as the waves are reminiscent of those off Hawaii.

In summer, the beach is full of surfers who have travelled here from various countries. Klitmøller is also considered the best place in Europe for surfing.

The Danish windsurfing championships are held in Klitmøller every year and the European championships have also been held here a few times. Kitesurfing is also very popular.

Thy National Park

national park
The national park from above

Klitmøller is surrounded on one side by the North Sea and on the other by Thy National Park. This is Denmark’s oldest national park, stretching from the Hanstholm lighthouse in the north to Agger Tange in the south. It is around 243 square kilometres in size.

This is where the impressive nature of North Jutland comes together: Beach, dunes, coastal heath and forests. There are also numerous lakes, some of which are considered to be the cleanest in the country. A hiking trail leads through the almost deserted landscapes. Historically, the park is also characterised by grave finds from the Bronze Age and bunkers from the Second World War.

Swimming, walking, cycling

Klitmøller beach relaxing
Relax on the beach at Klitmøller

Between the small fishing boats moored on the beach and the surfers, there is still plenty of space for swimming, sunbathing and walking. The white dunes invite you to relax.

Even in winter, walks along the windy coast are worthwhile, after which you can warm up with a cosy cup of tea or a hot chocolate. There are also various cycle routes around Klitmøller.


Klitmøller is also the right place for keen anglers. As a former fishing village, the town has good facilities. And if you don’t catch anything, you can buy fresh fish in the fish auction hall or the smokehouse in Hanstholm (a neighbouring village of Klitmøller).

Journey to Klitmøller

The best way to travel to Klitmøller is by car, especially if you have your surfing equipment with you. It is also advisable for water sports enthusiasts to travel by car locally, as the surf spots in Hanstholm and Norre Vørrupo are a little further away from Klitmøller.

Travelling by ferry to Klitmöller is not necessary if you start from Central Europe. However, as you cross Denmark completely on the way, the journey takes a little longer.


Klitmøller offers a wide range of different types of accommodation – from campsites to hotels. So you can choose between being close to nature and comfort.

Klitmøller: holiday home

Klitmøller holiday home

Holiday homes are particularly popular in Klitmøller. These are scattered between nature and dunes, offering peace and quiet in summer and a particularly cosy atmosphere in winter. Whether with the whole family, as a group, as a couple or even with your dog: holiday homes are available in all sizes here.

Klitmøller: camping

For that real surfing feeling, there is also a campsite in Klitmøller. Nystrup Camping Klitmøller is located just 500 metres from the North Sea and in the middle of Thy National Park. In addition to 350 classic pitches, the site offers cosy cabins and a surf camp. There are no fixed pitches at the surf camp; anyone can pitch their tent or campervan on a free spot.

There are other campsites in the nearby towns of Hanstholm and Agger.


The weather in Klitmøller is typical of the North Sea: in summer, the temperatures are moderate, but perfect for all sporting activities around the beach and dunes. In winter, on the other hand, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the cold sea and cosy up in your holiday home in the low temperatures.

In spring and autumn, the conditions for surfing and kitesurfing are the best, as there is usually a strong wind and the beach is not as busy as in summer. However, the water is also quite cold at this time.

The right style: KIitmøller Collective

The right style for your holiday is available from the Danish brand Klitmøller Collective, which was founded in the town. For men and women, there is a casual Nordic and maritime style inspired by Danish nature. The brand emphasises sustainable materials and fair production conditions, for example in its high-quality wool jumpers.

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