Blåvand: holidays in the Danish North Sea resort

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The idyllic Danish North Sea resort of Blåvand is a popular destination for families and anyone who likes to spend their holiday in a cosy holiday home. Blåvand has around ten times as many holiday homes as inhabitants and also offers a tranquil Danish flair. Find all the tips for relaxing and unwinding between the beach and the dunes here.

Holidays in Blåvand

Blåvand in Jutland, Denmark, has been delighting young and old for years: the popular tourist resort on the North Sea has just 200 inhabitants, but more than 2000 holiday homes.

Blåvand means “blue water” in High Danish. If you walk along one of the wide sandy beaches, you soon realise that the town has been given this name for a reason. Since the 1980s, Denmark has been labelling seaside resorts with the “Blue Flag” seal of quality and Blåvand is one of them. The seal stands for particularly good water quality and the avoidance of rubbish on the beaches.

Blåvand remains of the Atlantic Wall
In Blåvand, the remains of the Atlantic Wall can be found between the sandy beach and the dunes.

The Danish North Sea resort is located on a headland next to the island of Fanø, not far from the town of Esbjerg and the holiday resort of Vejers Strand on the southern North Sea coast. Blåvands Huk is the westernmost headland in Denmark. Blåvand has beaches with a total length of around 40 kilometres.

Sights and activities in Blåvand


Blåvand beach
Woodrow’s mules can be recognised behind the dunes.

The highlight of Blåvand is of course the long sandy beach, which is ideal for all kinds of activities. It is divided into the north and south beach.

While the currents and high waves on the wild northern beach are perfect for long walks and amber hunting, the southern beach is ideal for swimming and bathing. This is because it is protected by sandbanks. It is divided into the southern part of Blåvand Strand and Hvidbjerg Strand. The latter is particularly popular for windsurfing.

The southern beach is generally particularly family-friendly and is monitored by the lifeguard in summer. There is also a bathing jetty – the only one on Denmark’s North Sea coast. Joggers also enjoy running through the dunes along the beach. Alternatively, how about a spot of kite flying, shell collecting and beach volleyball?

The southern section of the beach is also known for its mule bunkers: in 1995, British artist Bill Woodrow created mule sculptures from the old bunkers of the former anti-anti-riot wall. The concrete of the bunkers serves as the body of the sculptures.

Tip: As almost everywhere in Denmark’s cosy coastal towns, it is also worth travelling to Blåvand by bike or hiring bikes locally. On a relaxed bike tour, you can reach more places that you would not reach by car and enjoy the Danish sea air.

Lighthouse: Blåvandshuk Fyr

The end of the headland is marked by the Blåvandshuk Fyr lighthouse. It is worth taking a long walk along the beach and dunes to get there, as the 39 metre high lighthouse, which dates back to 1900, is a popular vantage point. From here, you can see as far as Vejers Strand and Esbjerg. The lighthouse can be visited all year round.

It was originally used to warn ships of the sandbanks of the Horn Rev. There is also a concrete tower of the former Atlantic Wall in the immediate vicinity of the lighthouse.

Blåvandshuk Fyr lighthouse
Blåvandshuk Fyr is the most westerly lighthouse in Denmark.

Blåvand Zoo

The zoo in Blåvand is a particularly suitable destination for families and the perfect change from playing and swimming on the beach. There are many farm animals to discover, as well as wild animals such as lions. Camel and pony rides are also on offer. The zoo is open all year round.

Blåvand town

The cosy centre of Blåvand offers various small shops. They are even open on Sundays. Here you can not only shop for Danish clothing, decorations, handicrafts and souvenirs, but also eat Danish hot dogs and delicious ice cream. The local cafés, pubs and restaurants offer a good selection.

An extra tip is the “Café Pia – Thoras Gård”. There are even more treats at “Blåvand Bolcher”, the oldest confectionery factory in Denmark.

Accommodation in Blåvand

Holiday cottages in Blåvand

Hardly any other holiday resort has such a large selection of holiday homes as Blåvand: from hyggelig to Scandinavian clean and from beach to village location, there is a suitable house for every size of family and group.

Holiday flats

Smaller holiday flats are rare to find in Blåvand, as the town is known for its huge selection of holiday homes. However, the usual travel portals offer a few holiday flats online.

Camping at the campsite

If you are planning to go camping and are travelling with a caravan or motorhome, you will also find a campsite in Blåvand: Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark is located 200 metres from the beach of the same name in Blåvand and, in addition to classic pitches for tents and the like, also offers cabins, beach villas and holiday flats. These are particularly comfortable and are designed for luxury camping. There are other classic campsites in Vejers Strand, which is only around 20 minutes away by car.

Hotel in Blåvand

There are also only a few hotels in Blåvand itself. There are a few more options in the neighbouring town of Esbjerg. However, there is a beach hotel in Blåvand, which is part of the campsite. It is located in the first row of dunes by the sea and has luxurious flats.

Blåvand: how to get there

Ideally, you should travel to Blåvand by car or motorhome, as this gives you flexibility and allows you to transport food for your stay in the holiday home or go shopping on site.

If the journey to the Danish coast takes too long, you can also travel by plane. However, there are no direct flights to the nearest airport in Esbjerg. From the UK, you need to fly to Copenhagen first and then on to Esbjerg. In this case, however, it is worth hiring a hire car or motorhome locally.

Weather in Blåvand

Blåvand walk on the beach
The weather in summer is just right for a walk on the beach.

Blåvand is a popular destination for summer holidays, as the temperatures here are the warmest in summer, but not unpleasantly hot. The warmest months are July and August, although rain is possible. The water temperature in summer is also suitable for a short cool-down.

Thanks to the ocean climate, the weather in Blavånd is perfect for long walks and bike rides.

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