Rømø: discover one of the widest sandy beaches in Europe

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Peace, relaxation and the widest beach in Europe: that’s Rømø. The North Sea island in the south of Denmark is easy to reach by car and offers above all nature, tranquillity and beaches. Rømø is particularly recommended as a holiday destination for couples and families looking for relaxation.

Rømø: peace and relaxation in the south of Denmark

The island with the famous sandy beach up to six kilometres wide lies north of the island of Sylt in Germany and is a good alternative for families in particular. Only around three hours by car from Hamburg, Rømø is easy to reach from Germany without taking a ferry.

Denmark’s southernmost Wadden Sea island has just 559 inhabitants and is 40% sandy. The small island is particularly famous for its car beach. You have read correctly: the 20 kilometre and up to six kilometre wide sandy beach can be accessed by car, which is not a problem, as crowds of tourists are a rarity here. However, hiking on Rømø is an excellent idea as well.

Island of Rømø
Rømø is the southernmost North Sea island in Denmark.

Accommodation on Rømø

There is a whole range of options when it comes to accommodation in Rømø. From a luxurious resort with a swimming pool to a quiet holiday home, where you can also stay with the family dog, to a campsite – the island provides a lot of options.

The most beautiful holiday homes for everyone

Holiday homes are particularly popular with families looking for space, peace and quiet. Many holiday homes are located close to the water, which will make you feel like as if you have your own private beach. There is also a large selection of holiday homes with a pool and dog-friendly holiday homes.

Campsites for tents and caravans

If you like it more rustic and closer to nature, choose a campsite for your trip to Rømø. Wild camping is prohibited, but there is a large selection of campsites in different price ranges and with different facilities for both tent and motorhome campers.

Rømø: tours and activities on the island

Tours on Rømø: from mudflat hiking to bunker tours

Rømø offers a whole range of different tours. A large part of the programme revolves around the island’s nature. However, Rømø’s military history has also left its mark and can be discovered today in various tours.

Bunker tour and jet fighter spotting

As the military is also part of Rømø’s history, there are 52 bunkers from the Second World War to be found on the island. They were built by the Germans, who used the island as a radio and radar base. These bunkers can be visited on guided tours, where you can learn a lot about the history of Rømø during the Second World War. However, as the bunkers are freely accessible, you can also visit them on your own.

Another activity for military and technology enthusiasts is jet fighter spotting. For noise protection reasons, the Danish government publishes the dates on which the jet fighters stationed on Rømø fly exercises . So if you happen to be in Rømø at the same time, it’s worth taking a look at the sky between 10 am and 3 pm.

Outdoor activities: oyster safari and the classic mudflat hike

Rømø: Tours and sights in nature
There are many different tours and activities on Römö.

Another tour highlight on Rømø is the oyster safari offered by the Tønnisgård Nature Centre. As the seafood is not edible at all times of the year, it is highly recommended that inexperienced travellers take part in such a tour.

The oysters collected together and tasted on site can then be prepared and eaten at home in various ways with the guide’s tips. You can also take part in the gourmet safari, which includes joint preparation.

The Tønnisgård Nature Centre offers activities such as mudflat walking and shrimp fishing. The mudflat hike for children is a great option for families and the nature centre’s workshops include amber cutting, wool making and kite making.

The most beautiful beaches on Rømø

Rømø is known for its wide beach on the west coast, Lakolk Strand. The somewhat less well-known and narrower beach is Sønderstrand in the south of the island. This is a little less frequented and is particularly popular with holidaymakers staying in a holiday home there.

Hiking, cycling and horse riding on Rømø

Many travellers go to Rømø because they are looking for peace and relaxation. Hiking and cycling are therefore among the top activities on Rømø. As the island is rather small and has no large elevations, Rømø is particularly suitable for relaxed hikes if you want to enjoy nature. Reforestation only took place in the 19th century, which is why you will mainly find young pine forests there.

Rømø has many well-developed cycle paths that run from north to south across the island. Particularly recommended is the panoramic route “The Captain and the Whale”, which leads along the island’s most important sights.

Another nature activity that Rømø is ideal for is horse riding. The three riding centres offer guided tours for all levels. So you can easily fulfil your dream of a ride on the beach, even if you are a beginner.

Rømø: Hiking, cycling, horse riding
Rømø is a paradise for recreational riders.

Culture on Rømø

The old commanding officer’s residence

One of the most popular cultural sights is the old commander’s farm, which is now home to the Danish National Museum. The old farm, which was inhabited for generations by a family that became rich from whaling in the 18th century, now houses a permanent exhibition on the history of Rømø, including a real whale skeleton.

Rømø: holidays with children

As Rømø is a popular holiday destination for families, there are several excursion destinations that are particularly suitable for children. Find out below what these are and whether they are worthwhile for you.

Play and labyrinth park

The play and labyrinth park has two large labyrinths that children love. You can find sandpits and play areas, such as the labyrinth memory game, as well.

Sommerland Horse & Play Park

The Play & Horse Park was built in the 1980s, but is still popular because of its nostalgic charm. In addition to attractions such as the Sky Express and the go-kart track, there is also a paddling lake equipped with canoes and numerous play and climbing facilities.

Kite festival

Römö: kite festival
Many people travel to Rømø especially for the kite festival.

The international kite festival takes place on Rømø every year. It is the largest kite festival in Scandinavia, which takes place on the first weekend in September on the beach at Lakolk.

Kites can be flown freely from 9.00 am to 9.45 pm. Prizes are awarded annually in categories such as the best single-row home-made kite.

Sport on Rømø

In addition to cycling and hiking, there are even more sporting activities that you can enjoy on Rømø. These include, for example, beach sailing or blokarting, which is particularly popular on the south beach. You steer a sailing cart that is propelled by the wind. The sport is also suitable for beginners and can be learnt quickly by children aged 6 to 8.

For those who prefer to get into the water, we recommend the kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons offered by the local hire shop. It is permitted at the designated spot.

Rømø: sports
Beach sailing is a popular sport on Rømø.

Travelling to Rømø

Starting from Denmark or Germany, getting to Rømø by car is easy via the Rømø causeway, which is around ten kilometres long. You can also get here by public transport. Take the train to Skaerbaek and then change to the bus to Rømø. You can also reach Rømø by ferry from Sylt, Germany.

Ferry Rømø-Sylt

The island of Sylt, which is also popular with holidaymakers, is located just three kilometres south of Rømø. The “Sylt Express” ferry service runs between the two towns of Havneby and List. The journey takes 40 minutes and is often used for a day trip.

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