Hvide Sande: from relaxed beach holidays to active holidays

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The small harbour town of Hvide Sande in West Jutland attracts travellers looking for peace, relaxation and the beach year after year. The idyllic landscape and the mix of nature, culture and activity is popular with families with children as well as single travellers and couples.

Why go on holiday to Hvide Sande?

Hvide Sande, which translates as “white sand”, is a regular holiday destination for many families. This is particularly due to the wide range of options that Hvide Sande offers. From numerous restaurants and cultural offerings to sporting activities such as fishing or kitesurfing and beach days, there is plenty to do here.

Hvide Sande: Holidays
Hvide Sande is a popular holiday destination.

Where is Hvide Sande located?

The headland on which Hvide Sande is located separates Ringkøbing Fjord in West Jutland from the North Sea. Other popular seaside resorts such as Henne Strand, Sondervig and Vejers Strand are not far away by car.

Hvide Sande: weather

The weather in Hvide Sande tends to be cool even in summer, with average temperatures of around 15-18°C. The likelihood of rain is highest in late summer. In winter, average temperatures tend to be between 4°C and 7°C. Snow is rare, but is most common in February with an average of 6 snow days.

What is the best time to visit Hvide Sande?

The best time to visit Hvide Sande is in June and July. This is when the temperatures are at their highest, there is less chance of rain than in late summer and the water temperature in the North Sea is around 19°C.

Hvide Sande: holiday cottages

When travelling to Hvide Sande, many people opt for a holiday home, as you can enjoy a holiday close to nature and away from the tourist crowds. Particularly Families with children often decide for this type of accommodation, as you are very flexible, can cater for yourself and have more space available than in a hotel room.

The facilities and price range vary greatly, so you can easily find a holiday home that is perfectly suited to your needs. It’s worth looking for a holiday home not only in Hvide Sande, but also in the surrounding area. There you will find many options of different sizes, holiday homes with a pool, sea view, sauna, whirlpool and household equipment such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

Hvide Sande: campsites

Camping is also popular in the region around Hvide Sande. Many people opt for this when they want to travel close to nature. For many, camping is simply part of a relaxing holiday by the sea. In Hvide Sande, you will find many beautiful campsites with different facilities – from simple campsites between the dunes to luxury campsites with a pool.

Activities and things to do in Hvide Sande

On and around the headland on which Hvide Sande is situated, there are many activities for different age groups and interests. These range from leisurely walks on the beach to fishing and windsurfing. As the region offers so many different options, there is an activity to suit everyone.

Hiking and cycling in Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande: Hiking and cycling
Hiking by the sea in Hvide Sande is particularly popular.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Hvide Sande. This is due to the beautiful landscape, which is just inviting. You have a wide choice of different hiking trails, either by the sea or a little further inland.

In addition to hiking, cycling is also a popular leisure activity in and around Hvide Sande. If you can’t or don’t want to take your bike with you on holiday, you can simply hire one locally.

There are bike hire shops in Hvide Sande, both individually and attached to campsites. There are a large number of cycle tours. They often lead directly along the North Sea and therefore offer excellent views.

Fishing in Hvide Sande

Fishing is one of the popular activities for which Hvide Sande is known among travellers. Contrary to the clichés, it is a sport that can also be fun for families with children. However, you need a licence to fish in Hvide Sande. You can buy a state fishing licence here. You will need an additional permit in Hvide Sande harbour.

Water sports in Hvide Sande

Water sports are very popular on the coast of Hvide Sande. These include kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling. Further, you can find waterskiing and wakeboarding courses in the area around Hvide Sande. Ringkøbing Fjord in particular is a popular destination for water sports.

Hvide Sande water sports
Hvide Sande is particularly popular with water sports fans.

Hvide Sande: places of interest

One of the most famous sights in Hvide Sande is the Ringkøbing Fjord. It is around 30 kilometres long, 12 kilometres wide and just 1.5 metres deep on average. This is precisely why it is so popular for water sports, especially if you don’t want to go directly into the North Sea. It is a lake with access to the North Sea in Hvide Sande. The headland on which Hvide Sande is located separates the fjord from the sea.

There is an annual herring festival: every spring, huge schools of herring migrate through the lock into Ringkøbing Fjord to spawn. There are even competitions for children and adults to see who can catch the most herring.

About 5 kilometres from Hvide Sande is the Lyngvig lighthouse, which is part of the Ringkøbing Museum. 228 steps lead you up to a breathtaking view over the dune landscape.

Hvide Sande: Lyngvig lighthouse
The Lyngvig lighthouse offers an excellent view over Hvide Sande.

Towns and cuisine: Sønderby, Ringkøbing and Hvide Sande

During a holiday in Hvide Sande, you can visit the small towns and fishing villages. Sønderby, Ringkøbing and Hvide Sande itself are particularly worth a visit. You should definitely try the fish specialities in one of the many restaurants.

Travelling to Hvide Sande

Hvide Sande is located in West Jutland on the Danish west coast. The nearest airport is Esbjerg, which is just over an hour to the south. Another option is to fly to Aarhus, which is 3-4 hours by train, or 2 hours by car from Hvide Sande. Copenhagen is about 4 hours away by car and 5 to 6 hours by public transport.

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