Scandinavian children’s room: interior for the little ones

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Preparing for a new addition to the family is not always easy, but often exciting. There are many decisions that many parents need to make – from choosing the perfect name and the first child’s clothes to furnishing the new nursery, there is a lot that families look forward to – why not a nursery in Scandinavian design?

But even with older children, there are times when they renovate or simply want to redecorate. When they move house or simply because they no longer like the design of their room. For example, the changing table is replaced by a chest of drawers (or several) for more storage space and there will also come a time when the cot is too small. After all, the design and furnishings of the nursery should adapt to the little occupants, not the other way round.

If the term Scandinavian nursery design makes you think of a barren, boring atmosphere, the possibilities will surprise you. This is because the Scandinavian style is bright, child-friendly and functional. Find out here what options there are in terms of children’s room furniture and what you should look out for.

Scandi-style children's room
Inspiration for the Scandi-style children’s room: bright colours meet cosy accessories.

What characterises children’s furniture in Scandinavian design

For most families, it’s not just the look that is important when choosing the right children’s furniture. Storage space, durability and robustness are just some of the criteria that ensure a piece of furniture will stand the test of time in everyday life with children.

It is therefore fitting that Scandinavian design places great emphasis on functionality and usefulness. After all, what good is the most beautiful children’s room if it fails in everyday family life? At the beginning of the Scandinavian design tradition, the aim was therefore to make stylish but practical furniture accessible for every budget. Sustainability also plays a major role, especially in the choice of materials.

Today, a variety of different Scandinavian styles are available in every price range. What they have in common is their light, airy and minimalist design in light colours and wood. However, darker colour accents are also used, especially in more modern interpretations.

Why Scandinavian design is so suitable for a children’s room

  • bright, friendly colours
  • airy design with lots of light
  • functional
  • lots of storage space
  • robust wood
  • also suitable for small rooms
  • cosy

Find the right Scandinavian baby furniture

Especially before the arrival of a baby, many families spend a lot of time thinking about furnishing a suitable room. It should be a safe, friendly and child-friendly retreat. It is often used as a play area and storage space at the same time. After all, the utensils needed to care for the little ones also need to be stowed away.

Scandinavian baby room
The Scandinavian baby room is suitable for everyday use and a place for the little ones to play.

Another advantage that many parents appreciate is that Scandinavian design is neutral. While many traditional sets are mainly in shades of pink or blue, Nordic design offers an unbiased solution. This is particularly suitable for double rooms with children with different colour preferences.

Of course, colour accents can still be added to the room. You can combine all colours, including pink or blue, with the bright, friendly colours of the Nordic style. By using them sparingly (for example with decorations or toys), the small accents immediately catch the eye, but the children’s room doesn’t look overloaded.

How to find the perfect Scandinavian children’s furniture for your family

Scandinavian furnishings are a trend. And the selection is now huge. Whether online or in bricks-and-mortar stores, Nordic children’s furniture is on offer everywhere. This leaves a few questions unanswered. Which cot fits in a small children’s room? Do I have the necessary storage space? What can I afford? You can find out what you should look out for when making your choice here.

The Scandinavian cot

Children’s beds come in many variations. And we’re not talking about the look. From the cradle to the cot and the bassinet to the co-sleeper – parents-to-be don’t have an easy choice. While the cradle is particularly suitable for newborns, who find it easier to rest thanks to the rocking, a cot is a more long-term solution that can be used for several years, right up to toddler age.

Cots, regardless of design, are also available in a Scandi look. A cot is characterised by bright and friendly colours, wooden elements and a simple but appealing design. Scandinavian children’s beds radiate calm and blend in well with the interior design. This also applies to models for older children.

The baby bed in Scandinavian style

An extra bed is particularly suitable for babies. It keeps your child close to you at night, which is particularly practical for breastfeeding. Further, it has its own compartment, so that the baby is protected. The bassinet can also be placed next to the parents’ bed. However, the extra bed offers the advantage that it can be moved around during the day. This means that the child can also sleep in the living room or in their own room.

Nordic cots are often white or made of natural wood and the shape can vary. There are also straight designs and pieces with angled legs, as is familiar from the Scandinavian style. However, special shapes and designs are available too. Height adjustability is recommended.

The loft bed in Scandi look

Bunk beds with a Scandi look are particularly popular with families with older children. They are exciting and adventurous for children and create space at the same time. For example, a play or reading corner can be set up underneath.

Many children love the idea of a loft bed and want one. If the ceiling is not high enough or you are worried about the risk of injury, then a lower bed is a good option. A “growing” version is also suitable at a younger age.

The children’s rug in Scandinavian style

For many, a rug is indispensable in the children’s room. It is cosy and perfect for playing on, but is also a beautiful decoration in the children’s room. The Scandinavian style offers a large selection of child-friendly models with many different motifs and shapes. The Bloomingville children’s room series is particularly popular here.

Children’s rugs with animal and nature motifs are popular with both boys and girls. The designs are often available in different shapes, such as cloud shapes. Rectangular and round children’s rugs are a classic.

The chest of drawers in Nordic style

practical chest of drawers
A chest of drawers in the children’s room is particularly practical.

Whether for parents-to-be or families with older children – storage space is important. This is the only way to tidy up the children’s room quickly and easily. Chests of drawers are often chosen for this purpose. In the Nordic style, children’s chests of drawers are usually white with light-coloured wooden elements and drawers.

However, models with cupboard doors and in other colours are of course available as well. The wooden legs characteristic of Scandinavian furniture are also often found here. This means that these chests of drawers don’t look bulky, but rather light and space-saving, which can work wonders in a small children’s room in particular.

There is also the option of choosing an open chest of drawers. The compartments can then be filled with boxes, for example in a wicker look, which looks tidy and is variable.

Changing unit or folding changing table?

To save or create space, Scandinavian changing units and folding options are popular. The former can be used as normal chests of drawers with a removable changing top as soon as the child does not need to be changed any longer. Although folding changing tables cannot do this, they can be easily stowed away against the wall. This makes them particularly suitable for small children’s rooms or if the child prefers to be changed in the bathroom.

For your child: Scandi-style seating

Scandinavian children's chairs
Wood and fabric are present in many Scandinavian children’s rooms.

As soon as a child grows out of babyhood and their range of movement expands, seating comes in handy.

The classic and usually the first chair is the high chair. This allows a toddler to eat together with the family. Over time, other seating options are added. Whether children’s chairs for colouring or a small, comfortable reading corner by the window.

This gives the child a place of retreat where they can settle down outside of bedtime and occupy themselves with various things.

Nordic high chair

Like other furniture in this style, Nordic-style highchairs are rather simple and often come in light colours. They are characterised by wooden legs that diverge and offer stability. Height-adjustable models can be a good long-term investment, as they can still be used when the child is small.

Children’s chair with a Scandi look

The Scandinavian children’s chair or stool does not always differ in design from the models for adults. Simple but tasteful designs dominate. However, clear, bright colours are more common here than in dining room furniture. The choice of colours ranges from white and wood to pastel shades, such as pink or bright yellow, to bold colours, for example red or green.

Of course, there are also designs specially tailored to children so that all children can find the right chair for them. Beautiful animal motifs and bright colours are also popular, similar to Scandinavian children’s fashion. After all, Scandinavian design should appeal to the little ones as well and not appear unfriendly and cold.

How to decorate the Scandinavian children’s room: beautiful ideas for your home

Decorating a Scandinavian children's room
Cosy seating areas also go down well in the children’s room.

The decoration has a strong influence on the effect of the children’s room. There are always new trends here, but generally speaking, the aim here is for home accessories to be child-friendly and practical. It is therefore fitting that the Scandinavian country house style in particular uses natural textiles, such as linen and cotton, and subtle colour elements, such as houseplants.

While the suitability of plants depends on their position, possible harmfulness and the age of the child, fabric is a good way to make a room (whether a child’s room or not) look immediately cosy and inviting. Designs with animals and nature motifs are particularly popular here.

Ideas and tips for the nursery

  • Light wall colour
  • Furniture in white and light-coloured wood
  • Colour accents in neutral tones or pastel colours
  • Nordic murals or posters (e.g. mountains)
  • Pictures in wooden frames
  • Carpets with a subtle geometric pattern
  • Sustainable wooden toys
  • Scandinavian children’s chairs
  • A cosy play or reading corner
  • Small table lamps and night lights
Scandi Style children's room

Brands for Scandinavian children’s room furnishings

Even though numerous furniture manufacturers are now adopting the Scandinavian style, products from Scandinavian brands are particularly popular. With a bit of luck, you can also find vintage pieces, for example at flea markets, which can be combined with new items. The most popular brands for Scandinavian children’s rooms include

  • Bloomingville
  • Leander
  • Oyoy
  • Sebra
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