Scandinavian decoration brands: top brands for a Scandi style interior

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It is impossible to imagine a cosy Scandinavian interior without the right decoration. Whether you want to set stylish accents or make your home cosier quickly and easily, Scandinavian decoration is available in many different shapes and styles. In this overview, you can find out which Scandinavian decoration brands there are and where you can get the pieces.

What characterises Scandinavian decoration

Scandinavian decoration brands features
Textiles and plants instantly make any room cosier.

Scandinavian decoration is characterised by high quality, purism and practicality. While there are also artistic pieces, many Scandinavian decoration brands specialise in practical and decorative pieces, such as tableware, cushions, blankets and curtains. This allows you to set accents, change the atmosphere of a room and individualise its appearance.


Many Scandinavian decorative brands regularly publish tableware collections. The styles range from minimalist to romantic designs in the Scandinavian country house style.

Home textiles

Scandinavian decoration home textiles
Natural fabrics are part of the Scandinavian style.

Home textiles, such as blankets, cushions, curtains and rugs, can be used wonderfully to make a room feel cosier and more comfortable.

Natural materials such as wool are particularly high quality, durable and go well with Scandinavian furniture.

Linen and cotton are among the most popular fabrics, which are used both in decorative elements and practical everyday items such as blankets and cushions.

Candles, vases and plants

Smaller decorative items, such as vases, candle holders and lamps of all kinds, can be found in the Scandinavian style as well. Lighting is particularly important for creating a cosy ambience in Scandinavia, where winters are long and cold. Plants are used to emphasise the connection to nature.

Decoration brands

Bloomingville Logo


The Danish brand Bloomingville offers a large selection of decorations, crockery and small items of furniture. In addition to artistic pieces, there are also natural textiles and baskets made of rattan, wooden decorations and earthenware.

The Bloomingville Kids Collection, which not only sells children’s furniture and child-friendly wall decorations, but also high-quality toys made of wood and cotton, is also popular.

Broste Copenhagen Logo

Broste Copenhagen

Broste Copenhagen is particularly popular because of its twice-yearly tableware collections. The Nordic Sand, Nordic Sea and Nordic Coal collections are particularly popular among lovers of Scandinavian tableware.

The designs are inspired by Scandinavian nature. However, modern designs made of metal are also available. They combine particularly well with plants, such as this iron flower pot stand.

Cam Cam Copenhagen

The Danish brand Cam Cam Copenhagen not only offers baby furniture, children’s accessories and toys, but also child-friendly decorations.

These include beautiful wall decorations, for example in the form of bunting garlands or high-quality cotton mobiles in bright colours. In contrast to the rather simple designs for adults, Nordic decoration for children is more colourful and often based on animal motifs.

Design House Stockholm

Design House Stockholm

The decoration of the Swedish label Design House Stockholm is particularly known for the Knot cushion. The small greenhouses also characterise both the brand and the Scandinavian style.

There are also various wooden candle holders, wardrobe solutions and patterned mugs to be found. In addition to Scandinavian decoration, Design House Stockholm offers small pieces of furniture, such as the “Air” cabinet as well.

Design House Stockholm Knot Cushion

Design Letters

The Danish brand Design Letters focuses on decorative typography for your home. The porcelain mugs, bottles and candlesticks have a purist design, are kept in subtle colours and are complemented by the imprints of individual letters or entire sentences.

Environmentally friendly alternatives to bottles and mugs are among the customer favourites. Another speciality are the technology products that Design Letters now also offers.

Fabelab Logo


At Fabelab you will find high-quality, durable and child-friendly equipment for the baby and children’s room. This includes not only cuddly toys, but also bedding, muslin cloths, storage options and doll’s prams.

The designs are often inspired by animal motifs, which are combined with subtle, friendly colours. Many of the pieces are made from organic cotton.

Georg Jensen Logo

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen offers fine decoration and has even been purveyor to the royal court since 2000. Especially the clocks, such as the famous wall clock by Georg Jensen and Henning Koppel, and the elegant candlesticks are customer favourites.

But the modern kitchen utensils also brighten up your everyday life. The elegant stainless steel cutlery and bar accessories are high quality and durable, in keeping with the Scandinavian style.

Greengate Logo


GreenGate is known for its crockery and decorative designs in Scandinavian country house style. GreenGate pieces are instantly recognisable by their intricate patterns.

These often include floral patterns, stripes and dots, making the crockery perfect for a romantic country-style kitchen. The cheerful Alice everyday collection is a particularly popular choice.

House Doctor Logo

House Doctor

Modern Scandinavian design with clear lines can be found at House Doctor. The pieces are particularly suitable for adding dark colour accents.

The combination of the minimalist design with rustic elements creates a unique style that looks particularly good in a purist, muted environment.

Ib Laursen Logo

Ib Laursen

The decorations from the traditional Danish brand Ib Laursen are particularly suitable for a Scandinavian country house style interior. The mix of friendly pieces in bright colours and rustic pieces made of wood or glass characterises the range.

You will also find crockery, decoration and even small pieces of furniture here. The Mynte tableware series and the Unika collection, which focuses on dark wood, are particularly popular.

Iittala Logo


The Finnish brand Iittala is particularly well known for selling some of the designs of one of the most famous Scandinavian designer couples, Aino and Alvar Aalto.

From the iconic Aalto or Savoy vase to the Raami series and the Aino Aalto collection, you will find all the Finnish classics at Iittala.

Kähler Design Logo

Kähler Design

Kähler has been producing Danish porcelain since 1839. What began with crockery has steadily expanded and today also includes decoration, kitchen accessories and art objects.

The family business is proud of its history and still places great value on individuality today. That is why it works with various independent designers who develop new tableware and decorative series in co-operation with Kähler.

Madam Stoltz Logo

Madam Stoltz

With the Danish design label Madam Stoltz, you can bring a personalised combination of Scandi style and boho into your home. Founder Pernille Stoltz draws her inspiration from both Denmark and India.

The pieces made of earthenware, rattan, wood and cotton are high-quality, unique and allow you to give any room a very special atmosphere. You will find a whole range of different flower pots, stands and holders, especially for plants.


The Danish design brand Maileg offers toys and decorations for the children’s room. The cute Scandinavian-style pieces are manufactured and packaged according to the company’s environmental protection principles.

Iconic are the cuddly mice and bunnies, which were even honoured with the Formland Design Award in 2001. Maileg’s decoration range includes garlands in various colours and Christmas tags made of cotton and metal.

Meraki Logo


Like House Doctor, the Danish brand Meraki is part of the Society of Lifestyle Group and specialises in high-quality modern wellness accessories.

Especially if you have already found the right Scandinavian bathroom furniture and are now looking for decoration to make your bathroom more cosy, Meraki is a good address. From scented candles and bathroom accessories to organic hand lotion, you’ll find everything your heart desires here.

Nicolas Vahé Logo

Nicolas Vahé

Another member of the Society of Lifestyle group, Nicolas Vahé has everything you need for your kitchen. Founded by a French chef, the brand offers stylish and modern crockery.

The durable earthenware pieces come in muted colours and impress with their aesthetics and high quality. In addition to kitchen accessories, you will also find food, such as the spice and oil gift sets.

Nordal Logo


The Danish family business Nordal regularly presents new design collections. The timeless small pieces of furniture and stylish decorations are made from a wide variety of materials and are often Indian-inspired, but never lose touch with the Scandi style.

Nordal is setting a trend by combining Nordic design with sustainable bamboo: from dough rollers to basket sets for your plants.

Skagerak Logo


Are you looking for simple Scandinavian wooden furniture? Then you’ll love the selection from Skagerak. From natural boxes and trays to Christmas decorations and high-quality wooden chopping boards, Skagerak offers many different products for your home.

However, the crockery and decoration range is not only made of wood. Terracotta is also used and completes the natural look.

Speedtsberg Logo


With Speedtsberg you can furnish your home affordably and stylishly. The Scandinavian decoration brand offers a large selection of small furniture and decoration.

Especially in the areas of glass vases, table lamps and flower stands and holders, Speedtsberg’s designs offer variety and set accents.

Lene Bjerre Logo

Lene Bjerre

True to the Danish brand’s motto “We create a mood in your room”, Lene Bjerre’s designs are simple but expressive.

Lene Bjerre’s wide range of products means you can find pieces for every room. As the brand attaches great importance to social responsibility, it places high demands on its suppliers, who come from all over the world.

Liewood Logo


Liewood offers high-quality products for the nursery and baby room. In addition to toys, you will find small furnishing accessories that are practical, child-friendly and beautiful at the same time.

Whether it’s a rocking animal, baby blanket, bed canopy or children’s mirror: at Liewood you will find Scandinavian children’s furnishings and decorations at great prices.

Muuto Logo


Muuto is a young Scandinavian label that co-operates with independent designers. The aim of the label is to bring a breath of fresh air into the Scandinavian design industry.

The purist mirrors and vases in particular characterise the Muuto range. Although the designs are simple, they are also bold.

Rosendahl Logo


The history of Rosendahl began in 1993 when Eric Rosendahl designed the brand’s first product, a wine stopper. Today, Rosendahl not only offers wine accessories, but also glassware and porcelain.

The Rosendahl Arne Jensen Clocks brand is part of the same group. It specialises in designer alarm clocks and wall clocks based on the designs of Danish design icon Arne Jacobsen.

Villa Collection Logo

Villa Collection

The small furniture and decoration from Villa Collection embodies the Scandinavian country house style with a touch of modernity. The timeless designs turn every room into something special.

The designs are not as simple as you might be used to from other Scandinavian brands, but they are by no means over the top. From bamboo lanterns to hand-blown glass vases, Villa Collection offers a selection of diverse designs.

Villa Collection Cement decorative head
Cement decorative head
Villa Collection Bamboo lantern
Bamboo lantern
Villa Collection Ceramic floor vase
Ceramic floor vase
Zone Denmark Logo

Zone Denmark

Are you looking for modern Scandinavian design for your bathroom? Then you shouldn’t miss out on the decoration and bathroom accessories from Zone Denmark.

The well thought-out pieces are particularly suitable for creating small, practical accents in the bathroom. The following applies: form follows function. Each of the purist pieces fulfils a function that makes your life easier.

Fritz Hansen

If you’re already familiar with the Scandi style, you’ve probably already come across the name Fritz Hansen. The Danish cult brand has been one of the design classics of the Scandinavian style of living since 1872. It is not just the furniture by designer Arne Jacobsen that is being reissued.

The diverse range of decorations is also popular. Whether it’s an unusual vase, cosy pouf or stylish candlestick: at Fitz Hansen, interior fans will find exclusive Scandinavian designer pieces to make them feel good.

More Scandinavian decoration brands

  • 101 Copenhagen: Here you will find extraordinary vases in a modern Scandi style.
  • Bjørn Wiinblad: These imaginative porcelain pieces contradict Scandinavian functionalism.
  • Born in Sweden: If you’re looking for modern and slightly unusual Scandinavian design, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Hay: From simple planters to colourful coasters – everything you need for your flowers.
  • Holmegaard: Unusual and beautiful glass pieces from Denmark.
  • Kay Bojesen Denmark: Find the famous wooden animals from Kay Bojsen here.
  • Kristina Dam Studios: Modern and experimental – this is the decoration of Kristina Dam.
  • MENU: Discover purist kitchen accessories with style.
  • Normann Copenhagen: Here you will find nature-inspired decoration from Scandinavia.
  • Northern: This brand specialises in Scandinavian lighting design.
  • OYOY: Find lovely furnishings for the children’s room, kitchen and more.
  • Pappelina: Discover Swedish design carpets.
  • Royal Copenhagen: Founded by the Danish Queen Maria Juliana, Royal Copenhagen still designs fine porcelain goods today.
  • Spring Copenhagen: You can find playful Danish design at Spring Copenhagen.
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Oyoy offers a large selection of furnishings for the children’s room.
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