Scandinavian country house style: the ultimate style guide

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Do you like both the Scandinavian and country house styles? Then this is perfect for you: The Scandinavian country house style is a mixture of the classic Nordic style and the nostalgic, slightly more playful country house style. If you want to bring the aesthetics of a cosy Swedish country house into your home, you should pay close attention now: Because here comes our guide to Scandinavian country house style!

What characterises the Scandinavian country house style?

The Scandinavian country house style is a direction within the Scandinavian style. Above all, it focuses on white as the basic tone, natural wood, natural fibres and plants. Patterns with symmetrical or natural motifs are used sparingly and offer room for individualisation.

Incidentally, the style is directly reminiscent of a holiday home in Sweden or Denmark: with the following tips, you can bring a cosy holiday atmosphere into your own four walls in no time at all, without having to move into a red Swedish cottage.

Scandinavian country house style
Here’s how it works: All the features of Scandinavian country house style.

How to create the perfect Scandinavian country house style – at a glance

  • Scandinavian country house furniture creates a good foundation.
  • Create a base in white and light-coloured woods.
  • Add colour accents in dusky pink, blue and shades of grey.
  • Combine natural materials.
  • Decide between playful floral patterns and graphic prints.
  • The right wall decorations and plants instantly make a room cosier.

Step 1: plants bring life into your home

The easiest way to bring a touch of country living into your home is with plants of all kinds. There is a long list of plants that are also suitable for indoor use. The most popular green plants include, for example, the rubber tree and the lucky feather. If you prefer something more colourful, you should consider a begonia or amaryllis. The kentia palm and hibiscus are suitable for cat owners.

Kitchen herbs, such as parsley or oregano, on the windowsill or in a hanging flower pot look great and are also practical. Alternatively, they can also be planted in the garden or on the balcony. Even a patio becomes more inviting with a few plants.

Suitable plants for the country style:

  • Green plants: Rubber tree, lucky feather
  • Flowering plants: Hibiscus, begonia, amaryllis
  • Useful plants: e.g. herbs

Step 2: wall decoration for a cosy home

Bare walls can quickly make a room look impersonal and barren. Personal photos and artwork instantly personalise your decor and can change the whole look of a room. White wooden frames are ideal for this in the Scandinavian country house style.

However, pictures are not the only wall decoration that suits the Scandinavian country house style. Wall or hanging shelves can also embellish the room if they are fitted with the right objects.

Step 3: textiles make your home hyggelig

Natural fabrics are generally popular in the Scandi style. But they are particularly important in the Scandinavian country house style. This is because it emphasises the Danish concept of hygge. Roughly speaking, this means something like cosiness. But it’s not just about furnishings: family time and good food are also hyggelig.

If you want to bring hygge into your home visually, the best way to do this is with textiles. Cushions, rugs, blankets and inviting armchairs and sofas made of woven fabrics, linen or cotton are particularly suitable for this. Curtains in soft colours and patterns can also give a room a country house feel.

Step 4: combine colours correctly

The basic tone of the Scandinavian country house style is white. You can’t go wrong with light-coloured wood either. Darker woods should only be used in generously proportioned rooms, as they can quickly make a room feel cramped and oppressive.

If you want to set colour accents, shades such as dusky pink and various shades of blue or grey are ideal. Blue and turquoise are particularly recommended if you want to create a maritime atmosphere.

Step 5: use the matching patterns sparingly

If you like, you can also integrate patterns into the Scandinavian country house style. Symmetrical and subtle natural patterns or prints are particularly suitable. While symmetrical patterns emphasise the Scandinavian side of the style, floral patterns are particularly iconic and embody the country house charm like nothing else. Prints with leaves or animals are particularly suitable for children’s rooms.

The patterns you choose determine which side of the Scandinavian country house style you emphasise. Geometric retro patterns on upholstered furniture or the carpet emphasise the Nordic style influence. A sofa cover with natural patterns or even a Swedish floral wallpaper, on the other hand, are clearly in favour of the country house style. Incidentally, a subtle stripe pattern always works everywhere, whether on textiles or wallpaper.

Scandinavian country house style: buy furniture and decorations online

Country House style buying online
It’s all in the mix: You can find everything for the country house style online.

No matter whether you’re furnishing your home from scratch or just want to decorate it differently: You can find Scandinavian country style furniture and decor both online and in bricks-and-mortar stores.

Buying online can be particularly advantageous when it comes to furniture, especially if delivery is already included in the price. The choice often falls on Swedish country house furniture, as this is known to be inexpensive and beautiful.

Further, it is easier to match furniture to decoration and compare prices online. However, you should make sure that you only buy from online shops that you trust. Indications of a trustworthy online shop are, for example, good reviews, personal recommendations or that it is a shop run by an established retailer.

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