Scandinavian children’s clothing: colourful and diverse

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Scandinavian children’s fashion has been a term that many parents have heard for years. The terms Swedish children’s fashion or Danish children’s fashion are also frequently used. But what exactly does this mean? Are there differences between the styles of the individual Scandinavian countries or is it more about the origin of the labels? Find out below what makes children’s fashion from the far north so popular and where you can find those clothing items.

Brands and online shops for Scandinavian children’s fashion

When it comes to Scandinavian children’s fashion, small labels are particularly prominent. They are often based in Northern European countries and produce high-quality pieces.

These Danish children’s fashion labels are particularly popular and known for their cute pieces:

Bisgaard Logo


Bisgaard comes from Aarhus in Denmark and specialises in shoes for babies and children. Whether rubber boots, winter boots or summer sandals – there are shoes for boys and girls from small to large. Many models are made from high-quality leather, for which the manufacturer pays attention to environmentally friendly processing.


If you are looking for cheerful outdoor and rainwear for children, CeLaVi is the right choice. The Danish brand produces wellies, rain trousers and mackintoshes for even the youngest children. These are comfortable and of course waterproof.

Colour Kids

The Danish brand Color Kids more than lives up to its name: it offers children’s fashion and shoes in bright colours and patterns. This not only puts them in a good mood, but is also functional.

Ecco Logo

Ecco Kids

With Ecco Kids, the Danish shoe brand Ecco also has a line for the little ones: This includes high-quality shoe models for girls and boys that are just as suitable for everyday wear as they are for the playground or a trip to the countryside.

Lego Wear Logo

Lego Wear

The large Danish toy manufacturer Lego has also developed its own clothing line for children and babies. To match the toys, Lego Wear clothing is brightly coloured, cheerful and very functional. Little Lego fans in particular will be delighted.

MarMar Copenhagen Logo

MarMar Copenhagen

The Copenhagen label MarMar designs high-quality fashion for little girls, boys and babies. The designs are playful and are also suitable for special occasions. Thanks to the pastel colours and delicate patterns, the pieces are particularly Scandinavian.


As the name suggests, Minimalisma stands for Scandinavian children’s clothing in a minimalist and timeless Scandinavian style. The Danish-Swiss label focuses on simple, plain pieces in soft colours and high-quality materials such as silk, wool and organic cotton. The pieces are available for children up to approx. 6 years.


Minymo sells children’s and baby clothes in Scandinavian style. Playful prints, pastel colours and practical cuts come together here. The Danish brand offers great fashion for every occasion and in every size.

Name it Logo

Name it

The Danish brand is the classic for Scandinavian children’s and baby clothing. Name it emphasises sustainability and produces many items of clothing from certified organic cotton. At the same time, the prices are very affordable and the designs are colourful and child-friendly.


The Scandinavian brand Popupshop stands for modern and casual children’s fashion. Cool prints meet cosy basics such as leggings, sweatshirts and T-shirts – cute street wear for the little ones. Almost all items are made from organic cotton.

Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery also lives up to its name: the label from Denmark is known for its soft colours, creative prints and sustainable materials. The brand, which was founded by two friends, works with artists from all over the world.

Ticket to Heaven

The Copenhagen-based brand specialises in rain and winter clothing for women, children and babies: These include fleece jackets, outdoor jackets, snow and rain suits in cheerful colours and patterns.

Wheat Logo


Wheat is a young brand from Denmark and uses mainly ecological and sustainable natural materials. Here you will find typical Scandinavian design: pastel colours, loose and comfortable cuts and playful patterns.

More brands for Scandinavian children’s clothing

  • Arket
  • H&M
  • Bangbang Copenhagen
  • Someday Soon

Some of the best-known online shops are Jättefint, funky4kids and Villervalla.

What characterises Scandinavian fashion for children?

Scandinavian children's fashion
Scandinavian children’s fashion is characterised by cheerful patterns.

Children’s fashion in Scandinavia is diverse. Their cheerful colours and unusual patterns in particular make them popular with children and parents alike. In contrast to Scandinavian furnishings, the fashion trend does not necessarily emphasise restraint or minimalism, but is just as expressive.

With a combination of childlike patterns and soft colour combinations, the clothing perfectly expresses a child’s zest for life. What’s more, it is known for its durability, high quality and often even sustainable production.

  • cheerful colours
  • eye-catching, child-friendly patterns
  • high quality
  • durability
  • weatherproof and warm winter clothing
  • airy summer clothing

Swedish, Danish and Norwegian children’s fashion – are there differences?

Colloquially, terms such as Swedish or Danish children’s fashion are often used synonymously with the term Scandinavian children’s fashion. This is because they often refer to the same style. While fashion trends in the individual countries of Northern Europe are of course complex, the term usually refers to the style described above.

Labels and manufacturers that design children’s clothing with the characteristics described above come from different countries. Most of these countries belong to the mainland Scandinavian countries, but there are also brands based in the Netherlands, for example. Overall, the term refers to the style rather than the country of origin.

Which Scandinavian accessories are the best to combine?

Scandinavian Children's Clothing
Scandinavian accessories such as hats complete a child’s outfit.

While the style as a whole is characterised by a high level of durability, which also makes it suitable for play, there are also matching accessories. These can be combined if the occasion is a little more sophisticated or the child likes to dress up. These include, for example

  • Bags and rucksacks
  • Caps
  • Jewellery
  • Children’s watches
  • Hair ties and barrettes

There is also a wide range of everyday objects that stand out due to the patterns of this style. In contrast to Scandi style furnishings, which are characterised by minimalist aesthetics and cosiness, the focus here is on colours and patterns, just like in clothing. Accessories include, for example

  • Bed linen
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Towels
  • Lamps
  • Bicycle helmets
  • Tableware

If you’re looking for new furniture for your child’s room or a Scandinavian baby name, take a look at our articles on these topics.

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