Scandinavian bedrooms: your oasis of calm in Scandi style

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The Scandinavian style is perfect for the bedroom. It does not only look tidy and bright, but also cosy and inviting, which is why this combination is perfect for a room that is so important in everyday life.

Reasons for a Scandi-style bedroom

The bright and light Scandinavian furnishing style is particularly suitable for small rooms. The colour scheme and design not only visually enlarges the room, but also makes it feel less cramped.

In addition to furniture with Nordic flair, Scandinavian bedrooms are often decorated in a subtle style. Other important stylistic elements include the use of stylish wall decorations and various materials, particularly natural fabrics. This mixture, in which wood and textiles are particularly well represented in the Scandi style, quickly gives even a minimalistically furnished room a cosy ambience.

What characterises a Scandinavian bedroom?

Scandinavian Bedroom
The Scandinavian bedroom combines minimalism and cosiness.

If you want to bring the Scandi style into your bedroom, you should first make sure you choose the right furniture. It forms the backbone of your interior design and should therefore be chosen first.

You can usually recognise Scandinavian-style furnishings by their clear design. The shape is characterised by clear edges and natural curves.

The colours are muted and rather light. Wooden elements and in particular the diverging wooden legs are characteristic. The latter give furniture a light, less bulky appearance.

Once you have set the basic structure with the help of the furniture, you should focus on the decoration. The Scandi look tends to favour simple but expressive decorative elements. Plants, vases, pictures and lamps are frequently used.

Bedroom in Scandinavian country house style

A popular trend within the Scandi style is the Scandinavian country house style. This style mainly uses white and light-coloured wood. It is also somewhat more playful than the traditional Scandinavian style. Plants are excellent for bringing life into a Scandinavian country style bedroom.

Furniture for your Scandinavian bedroom

Typically, there is certain furniture in the bedroom that is important for its everyday use. A comfortable bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe are traditionally found in most English bedrooms. Find out here what you need to consider when making your choice and how to furnish a small bedroom in Scandinavian style.

Find the right Scandi-style bed

A Scandi-style bed is large without being bulky and decorated with lots of cosy blankets and cushions. It is also of high quality and sometimes even made of solid wood.

The Scandinavian bedside table – suitable for everyday use and stylish

Scandinavian Bedside Table
Scandinavian bedside tables are simple but visually appealing.

The Scandinavian bedside cabinet fully fulfills the principles of the Scandi style, as it is both practical and visually appealing. Here you will often find simple solutions that have one or more drawers and can also be easily integrated into smaller rooms.

The Scandi-style bedside table offers space for storing and filing important items, looks decorative and takes up little space. It is also generally very affordable and is therefore a great way to furnish the bedroom in style, even on a lower budget.

The selection is not limited to traditional closed models, but also includes partially and fully open models. Variants with castors are available as well. They can simply be rolled to the side when mopping the floor, for example. This fits in perfectly with the demands for practicality and suitability for everyday use that have been placed on the Scandinavian style for decades.

The Scandinavian wardrobe and its alternatives: The most beautiful ideas

The bedroom is usually the place where your personal wardrobe is stored. This can be a challenge, especially if your bedroom is small or has an unusual layout: How to store your clothes inconspicuously and safely without a bulky wardrobe taking up half the room?

This is where puristically designed Scandinavian wardrobes come into their own, preferably in white. We also recommend choosing a model with wooden legs. This creates a favourable spatial effect and is not restrictive.

Alternatively, you can also opt for an open, or partially open, wardrobe. This variant, which is still relatively uncommon, is flexible, especially if you opt for individual chests of drawers or clothes rails. This solution is also often favoured for an unusual floor plan.

Another argument in favour of many is the look, which uses the clothes as decorative elements and makes the room look lived-in. It also means you always have a good overview of your entire wardrobe.

The advantages of an open wardrobe

  • perfect for small rooms
  • recommended for an unusual floor plan
  • often cheaper, especially if (partially) self-built
  • Overview of the entire wardrobe
  • Creates an impression of cosiness

The Scandinavian dressing table

Many people also opt for a Scandinavian dressing table in the bedroom. The advantage of a make-up or dressing table is that it offers a dedicated space to devote yourself to facial and hair care in peace. It also offers space for skincare products and accessories, which keeps things organised.

A large mirror can ensure that you don’t have to stand at the sink in the bathroom while you do your make-up or hair. This is particularly beneficial if you share a bathroom. It gives you privacy and you don’t have to wait for anyone.

The right accessories for the bedroom in Scandi style

Wall decoration

Scandinavian prints
Black and white prints are popular in the Scandinavian style.

The right wall design adds the finishing touch to a Scandi-style bedroom. Fortunately, this is not difficult in the Nordic style: even a white wall fulfils the criteria. But wallpaper with floral and other natural patterns is also on trend. Alternatively, wood panelling looks particularly good behind the bed.

If you opt for a monochrome wall in one of the typical Scandi colours, large photos or art prints in simple, black picture frames are very suitable. Other options include wall lights, fairy lights and creative hanging of photos.

Special colour accents

Small decorative elements that set colour accents away from the basic colours of your individual design can make a big impact in the Scandi style. These include cushions, candles and lights of all kinds. If you would like to know more about how to choose the perfect Scandi-style colours and how to combine them, take a look at our article on the Scandinavian colour palette.

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