Scandinavian living room: beautiful interior ideas for your Scandi-style home

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If you like the Scandi style, you probably also want to furnish your living room in a Scandinavian style. Whether you already have an idea or are looking for inspiration, you can find ideas and examples for your Scandinavian living room here. We’ll also tell you where you can get Nordic-style furniture and decorations.

Furnish your living room in Scandinavian style: this is how it works!

Do you want to furnish your living room in a Scandinavian style but don’t know where exactly to start? Just follow the tips below:

  • White is a particularly good base colour, but other light colours are also suitable.
  • For a classic Scandinavian style, you should opt for a mixture of wood, white and grey tones.
  • Colour accents, textiles and the right decorations round off the Scandinavian living style.
  • Don’t forget to let enough light into the room.
  • Lamps and candles make the room and your entire home instantly cosier.

Furnishing a classic Scandinavian living room

Classic Scandinavian furniture is functional and cosy. It is also characterised by the sloping and tapering legs of the Scandi-style sofa and armchair. There is also a large selection of lamps, candles and vases.

Scandinavian design is multifaceted. In addition to the classic Scandinavian style, which is characterised by light tones, minimalism and functionality, there is also the Scandinavian country house style and the modern Scandinavian style, which is particularly evident in the innovative and characterful designs of the designer brands.

By mixing different pieces, colours, features and combining them with the decor you like best, you can create a unique atmosphere that suits you and your living room perfectly. Here you will find some examples of beautiful living room ideas for different Scandinavian living rooms, which may be very different but are all part of the Scandinavian style.

Furnishing a modern Scandinavian living room

If you want to furnish your living room in a modern Scandinavian style, you should opt for clean lines and a minimalist design. Muted colours and accents made of metal and glass are also ideal. Modern Nordic-style designs are also usually a little more striking than those in the classic Scandinavian style.

The use of darker, muted colours such as black is also widespread here, something that is much less common in the classic Scandinavian style and especially in the country house style.

Furnishing a cosy living room in Scandinavian country house style

If you want to bring the ambience of a Scandinavian country house into your living room, then you should focus on textiles, natural wood and other natural materials.

Rustic wooden furniture combined with a cosy fabric sofa and matching decorations is ideal and will immediately make your living room feel warm and homely.

To create a Scandinavian country house style with a nostalgic touch, it can also be a good idea to combine simple Scandinavian furniture with patterns, for example on Scandinavian wallpaper.

How do I furnish a small living room in a Scandinavian style?
The Scandinavian style is ideal for small rooms, especially if you choose classic Scandinavian furniture in light-coloured wood. One of the reasons for this is that the Scandinavian style focuses on light colours, lots of light and functionality. This is complemented by the light design, which is supported by slim wooden legs, for example. A minimalist TV stand also looks stylish and saves space.

Inspiration for your Scandi-style living room

Elegant designer living room from &Tradition

This elegant living room from &Tradition is perfect for you if you are looking for a stylish, modern look in Scandinavian design. The innovative design utilises clean lines and characteristic shapes. There are also special accents in black metal and gold.

The design does not follow the classic Scandinavian style, but embodies the creations of modern Scandinavian designer brands. To go more in the direction of classic Scandinavian design, we recommend combining it with a light base colour and more plants. This makes modern Scandinavian living rooms a real eye-catcher.

Cosy living room from Bloomingville

The Scandinavian style has even more to offer! If you’re looking for an airy, casual interior, then you shouldn’t miss the lounge furniture from the Mundo series by Bloomingville. Combined with furniture made of light-coloured wood, wicker and plants, you can create a cosy space with a style that combines classic Scandinavian with Nordic country house style.

Add accents with textiles, specifically cushions, curtains and rugs. They immediately make a room or lounge corner feel warm and cosy, give every room a homely atmosphere and can be easily replaced if you feel like redecorating.

Scandinavian living room decor: put the finishing touches to your interior

Once you have created the basic structure of your interior with Scandinavian furniture, you still need the right decoration to round off your style. Here, too, it depends on the style you have chosen. For the modern Scandinavian style, for example, pieces from House Doctor are recommended, while GreenGate decorations are perfect for the Scandinavian country house style. You can find classic Scandinavian pieces from brands such as Bloomingville or Lene Bjerre.

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