Scandinavian Easter decorations: Scandinavian decorating in spring

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For many, Easter is simply part of spring. The days are getting longer, nature is waking up from its winter slumber and it’s time for new decorations inside. But you don’t have to settle for the classic colourful eggs and bunnies: Scandinavian Easter decorations focus on pastel shades and bring a spring feeling into your home. That’s why we’ve put together the most beautiful Scandinavian Easter decoration ideas.

What makes Scandinavian Easter decorations so special?

Tips Scandinavian Easter decorations
Pastel colours are particularly popular in Scandinavian Easter decorations.

Scandinavian decorations for Easter are simple and beautiful. You can choose between classic Easter motifs and timeless spring decorations. What they have in common is that they are usually in spring-like pastel colours and can be perfectly integrated into any interior style. During the Easter period, you can easily add a few typical elements, such as Easter bunnies or eggs, to your other spring decorations.

Scandinavian spring decorations are usually minimalist and set simple accents that are reminiscent of the blossoming nature on your doorstep. As Easter is in spring, these decorations are particularly suitable. Flower pots and vases in particular are often used to bring more greenery and perhaps even colourful flowers into the room. Fresh flowers are simply placed loosely in modern vases – that’s the Scandinavian way to create a spring atmosphere.

How to find the perfect Scandinavian Easter decorations

Scandinavian Easter decorations tend to be understated and minimalist. Pastel colours are often chosen to bring a spring-like freshness into the home. Berry colours, pastel green and blue and light yellow are particularly popular. White is a particularly good base colour.

Another tip for beautiful Scandinavian spring decorations are materials such as linen, wood, ceramics and glass. Natural materials in particular quickly give your home a calm and inviting look. We also recommend combining plants. Green plants and delicate flowers are particularly popular in spring.

5 simple tips for your Scandinavian spring decorations

  • Use white and pastel colours.
  • Materials with a natural look, such as linen and earthenware, immediately make a room look fresh and inviting.
  • It doesn’t always have to be the classic Easter motifs. The Easter chick and the Easter witch are classically Scandinavian.
  • Plants and branches, such as hazel or willow catkins, are great for integrating into table settings.
  • Keep it simple: a few discreet pieces are enough.

Easter decorations for the Scandinavian country house style

Easter decorations Scandinavian country house style

The Scandinavian country house style is characterised by the use of natural materials, wood and white tones. The aim is to create a cosy, inviting ambience that is reminiscent of a stuga, a Scandinavian country house. The matching Easter decorations are more classic. Plants and branches in glass containers are particularly popular this year.

Linen tablecloths or linen napkins in cheerful pastel colours are particularly suitable for the table decorations. Add a large vase with fresh flowers from the garden and white and pastel-coloured tableware – and the Scandinavian Easter table is complete.

Decoration ideas for your home in a modern Scandinavian style

Modern Easter decorations
Modern Easter decorations with Scandinavian charm

If you want to decorate in a modern Scandinavian style, you can be a little bolder. Characteristic shapes and dark accents are popular here.

Instead of playful floral patterns, you should opt for monochrome decorations or symmetrical patterns. Even if you opt for clean home accessories here, that doesn’t mean you have to do without elements such as Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. These are also available in modern and simple designs.

Popular classic: Easter pendant

cinnamon buns under the Easter bush
Typically Scandinavian: cinnamon buns under the Easter bush.

Pendants in the shape of eggs or bunnies are an uncomplicated and therefore popular Easter decoration. These can be incorporated particularly well into the Scandinavian spring ambience: If you have a modern vase with a few flowering branches, the pendants will transform it into an Easter bush in no time at all.

Easter in Scandinavia – who brings the Easter eggs?

Some Scandinavian Easter traditions differ slightly from those in the UK. For example, it is not the Easter bunny that brings the eggs, but the Easter chick. In Sweden in particular, children dress up as Easter witches at Easter and go from house to house in search of sweets. This is because the Easter bonfire used to be used to drive away Easter witches and evil spirits.

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