Halmstad: beach holiday on Sweden’s west coast

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Sun, beach and sea – Halmstad is the perfect place for a summer holiday in Sweden. Endless beaches and fascinating coastal landscapes are perfect for swimming and strolling, as well as many other outdoor activities. If you are drawn to the harbour town on Sweden’s south-west coast, you can find out here, among other things, how and when best to arrive and what there is to experience in Halmstad and the surrounding area.

Why should you go to Halmstad?

Are you interested in a beach holiday in Sweden? Then head to Halmstad! The cosy town offers a whole range of fantastic beaches and bays, so you can enjoy the summer to the full. And when you’ve had enough of the beach, the region’s impressive nature is just around the corner, where you can visit one nature reserve after another on foot or by bike.

But Halmstad also has a lot to offer culturally, for example two art museums and some impressive churches. Or how about a visit to Halmstad BK, the local football club, which has been Swedish champion four times?

Halmstad: Holidays
Halmstad offers a lot of magnificent beaches.

Where is Halmstad located?

Halmstad is the largest city in the historic province of Halland and is located on Sweden’s south-west coast. The city lies on the River Nissan and Laholmsbukten, which is part of the Kattegat. Other towns in the province are Varberg, which is about 70 kilometres away by car, and Falkenberg, about 40 kilometres away.

Halmstad is located approximately halfway between Malmö in the south and Gothenburg in the north, about 140 kilometres from Malmö and the same distance from Gothenburg. Helsingborg is about 80 kilometres away – so Denmark is not too far away either. It is further to the capital Stockholm – the distance is around 500 kilometres.

Halmstad: weather

If you come to Halmstad for summer, beach and sea, you should visit between May and September. Although Halmstad generally has a mild ocean climate, temperatures peak at over 20° Celsius during these months. The warmest month is July, when the average temperature is 20° Celsius. The water temperature can also rise to 26° Celsius in the summer months. But don’t forget your umbrella – the most rainfall occurs in August.

Activities and sights in Halmstad

Beaches in Halmstad

If Halmstad is known for one thing, it’s certainly its beautiful beaches and coastal areas. You can relax and enjoy the sun on a total of 45 kilometres of beach. From small bays to kilometre-long sandy beaches – everyone is sure to find their dream place by the sea in Halmstad.

The most famous is Tylösand beach, which stretches along the coast with its dunes and is a paradise for locals and tourists alike. Also popular are Västra beach and Sandhamn Halmstand, which is located in a small bay and is somewhat quieter. And it’s not just bathers who are welcome here – windsurfers, kitesurfers and kayakers also get their money’s worth on Halmstad’s beaches.

Halmstad: Beaches
Tylösand beach is the most popular beach in Halmstad.

Out and about in Halmstad: Museums and churches

Halmstad: museums and churches
Snöstorps Kyrka is located in the east of Halmstad.

There is also plenty to explore in Halmstad away from the beaches, especially the city centre. Here you will not only find plenty of opportunities for shopping, but also some interesting museums and churches.

Art lovers should pay a visit to Hallands Konstmuseum. The centrally located museum has many exhibits by local artists from Halland. The museum garden is also a work of art in itself and well worth a visit.

The Hallandsgården open-air museum is also centrally located. The lovingly designed grounds are a wonderful place to stroll between old buildings from the region and learn more about rural life in Halland. If you are more interested in Sweden’s maritime history, you can visit the Najaden, a museum ship moored in Halmstad harbour.

Also worth seeing are the local castle, the centrally located St. Nikolai kyrka and the Snöstorps Kyrka in the east of the city, which was completed in 1883 and was voted “Sweden’s most beautiful church” in 2006.

Out and about in the countryside around Halmstad

If you want to get to know the beautiful nature of the region, Halmstad is the ideal starting point for all kinds of tours. A total of 46 beautiful nature reserves are located in the immediate vicinity, for example Danska Fall, a system of waterfalls, or Haverdal, which has a dense beech forest and Sweden’s highest dune (“Lynga Sanddyn”), including a fantastic view.

For hikers, we recommend the Prins Bertil Trail, which runs for a total of 18 kilometres from Halmstad Castle via the Möllgård nature reserve to Tylösand and back. The Hallandsleden, which connects the region with the hiking trails of the neighbouring provinces, is also popular. For cyclists, there are also some fantastic trails – for example, Sweden’s first national cycle route, the Kattegatleden (which runs from Helsingborg to Gothenburg) runs through Halmstad. The stage in Halland runs along the fascinating coastal landscape.

Halmstad Cycling
The region around Halmstad is a paradise for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

With a total of 12 golf courses and the Scandinavian School of Golf, Halmstad is considered the golf capital of Sweden.

Accommodation in Halmstad

Camping in Halmstad

Halmstad is a real paradise for camping fans, as there are several campsites right by the beach and sea. Camping in Sweden is very popular as it is a rather simple and nature-loving holiday option, and it is also usually inexpensive. Especially those travelling with their own motorhome or caravan can quickly experience a great holiday for little money. Modern campsites now often offer a wide range of accommodation, from simple pitches to glamping. Pets are also allowed and there is a whole range of services on offer.

If you want to be more adventurous, you can find out about wild camping, which is permitted in Sweden. The natural paradise around Halmstad is the perfect place to spend the night in a tent in the wilderness.

Holiday cottages and flats in Halmstad

If you want to feel at home on holiday, you should look for a holiday home or holiday flat. These not only offer the advantage of being all to yourself, but holiday homes in particular often offer plenty of space and cooking facilities. Pets are also often allowed. What’s more, you can enjoy an authentic Swedish holiday – especially if the house is painted in Swedish colours. Many holiday homes, especially in the region around Halmstad, are also located close to the coast.

Travelling to Halmstad

Travelling by plane

If you want to travel comfortably by plane, you should fly to Stockholm, Copenhagen or Gothenburg, as these airports are also served by most major British airports. There is a connection from Stockholm-Bromma to Halmstad Airport, which is about two kilometres from Halmstad. Alternatively, you can continue your journey from Copenhagen or Gothenburg to Halmstad by train or rental car.

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