Västervik: Sweden’s “Pearl of the East Coast”

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The town of Västervik in the Småland region is a popular holiday destination, especially in summer, as it is nicknamed the “Pearl of the East Coast”. This is not least due to the impressive archipelago of Tjust: it attracts visitors with various (sporting) activities, but also offers peace and tranquillity.

What makes Västervik special?

Västervik Boathouses
Båtsmansstugorna: Historic boathouses in Västervik

Västervik is located in the south of Sweden on the Baltic Sea. In summer, the town turns into a lively holiday and seaside resort, especially for families. The Swedes themselves like to spend their holidays here, followed by Germans.

In Västervik, beach meets archipelago islands, which has earned it the name “Pearl of the East Coast”. Every year in the holiday season, the guest harbour fills up with sailing and motor boats. A little way from the coast, in the hinterland, are the typical Småland forests and lakes.

The town is also known for its fish festival, hockey team and excellent camping facilities. Popular sights in Västervik include the historic 18th century boatmen’s houses and the ruins of Stegeholms Slottsruin castle. Experience Sweden’s diverse nature in Västervik and discover the mix of sea and beach as well as lakes and forests.

By the way: ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus grew up in Västervik and attended grammar school there.

Västervik archipelago

Tjust archipelago
The Tjust archipelago is located off the coast of Västervik.

In addition to the long coastline lined with beaches and promenades, the special highlight in Västervik is the Tjust archipelago with around 5,000 islands. Most of them are forested.

Explore its unique nature by kayak or with your own boat. Excursion boats sail to the islands of Hasselö and Idö. Östra Skälö can also be reached by car via a bridge from the mainland.

Activities in Västervik

green archipelago activities
The green archipelago invites you to take part in various activities.

The nature around Västervik invites you to take part in various activities, both sporty and relaxed. Take a trip through the archipelago, whether by canoe, kayak, sailing boat or motorboat. This gives you the opportunity to dock anywhere and explore the islands on your own .

Or try your hand at diving: The waters off Västervik are some of the least explored in Sweden. With the “Dykpark Västervik” project, even beginners have the opportunity to dive in the archipelago. And you can go bouldering on the natural rocks and cliffs of the archipelago.

A quieter alternative is a hike on the Tjustleden, an approximately 200-kilometre hiking trail that leads you from Västervik through the nature of Småland. For a tasty snack afterwards, head to one of the unique locations in the archipelago restaurants. These include Idö Skärgårdskrog and Slottsholmen.

Tip for a family holiday: Astrid Lindgren’s home town of Vimmerby and the Astrid Lindgren Adventure World are just an hour’s drive from Västervik.

Travelling to Västervik

The best way to get to Västervik from Central Europe is by car or motorhome. Here you have the choice of taking the ferry to Malmö, Trelleborg or Gothenburg or travelling over the Öresund Bridge.

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Västervik as the city does not have its own airport. Alternatively, however, you can fly to Copenhagen and from there take a hire car across the Öresund Bridge to Sweden.


Västervik Resort Camping

Västervik Resort, formerly known as Lysingbadet Camping, is the first resort in Sweden and one of the largest campsites in the country. It is located on a peninsula directly on the archipelago coast. In addition to classic camping pitches for motorhomes and caravans, there is a large selection of cottages, holiday homes, mobile homes and even a youth hostel.

There’s never a dull moment here: whether sunbathing and swimming on the beach, mini golf, golf, fishing, spa and fitness – activities and entertainment are on offer for the whole family. There is also a large adventure pool with a slide. Bicycles and canoes are also available for hire.

Holiday home in Västervik

If you are not a fan of camping or would prefer to enjoy a little peace and quiet on site, you will find numerous holiday homes from various providers in Västervik. Here you are right in the centre of Småland’s nature.

Västervik: weather

Västervik in southern Sweden is not so popular in summer for nothing: the continental climate means that the summer temperatures are pleasant, especially between June and August. On average, January is the coldest month in Västervik. The city is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the Swedish summer.

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