Trelleborg: the gateway to Sweden

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Sweden’s southernmost city is also the gateway to the rest of the country: Trelleborg has one of the largest ferry harbours in all of Scandinavia, which is used for onward travel to other regions of Sweden. Find out what else the city has to offer and why a stay in Trelleborg is worthwhile here.

Where is Trelleborg?

Trelleborg is located on the Baltic Sea coast in the historic province of Skåne and is the southernmost city in Sweden. Trelleborg is also only around 30 kilometres from Malmö – so a day trip to Sweden’s third-largest city is a good idea.

By the way: The city is not to be confused with the company of the same name, which is based in Trelleborg: Trelleborg AB is a plastics group with over 24 thousand employees.

Sights and activities in Trelleborg

If you are travelling by ferry from Germany or Central Europe to Trelleborg in Sweden, you are probably planning your onward journey through Sweden from here. But Trelleborg is not just a harbour town, it also offers culture and history to touch, as the medieval town plan has largely been preserved to this day.

Trelleborg: church of St Nikolai
The church of St Nikolai

Trelleborg’s football club, Trelleborg FF (Fotbollförening), is also well-known. At times it played in Sweden’s top league. Trelleborg also offers a lively cultural landscape. Try typical local specialities in the restaurants and cafés.

Trelleborg city centre

Gamla Torg, Trelleborg’s old market square, is well worth a visit. The large Stortoget with the old water tower and the “Sjöormen” fountain is also worth a visit. The tower is the tallest building in the city and was built in 1911. Although it is not open to visitors, there is a lovely café in a glass pavilion at its foot. The city park is located near the Stortoget. The pastel-coloured rows of houses in the city centre are a popular photo motif.

Trelleborg: old water tower
The old water tower at Stortoget

Another of Trelleborg’s sights is St Nicholas’ Church. Originally a medieval church stood in its place, but this became too small for the congregation and was therefore demolished. The current red brick church was built between 1881 and 1883.

The holiday feeling is not neglected in Trelleborg: due to the palm trees that adorn the south-western entrance to the city, it is often referred to as “Palm City” or “Little Miami”.

Trelleborg Viking Castle

The city got its name from the Viking castle Trelleborg, which is still its landmark today. It is definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Sweden. In the 1980s, archaeologists found traces of it and concluded that King Sweyn Forkbeard had Trelleborg built around the year 981. Today, around a quarter of the castle complex made of wood and earth has been reconstructed and is freely accessible. Remains of similar castles have also been found in Denmark.

There is much more (Viking) history to see and discover in Trelleborg’s town museum and in the region around the town.

Further activities

Trelleborg’s location also makes it ideal for cycling tours and swimming in the sea. There are small beaches all around the town. You can take a relaxed stroll in the city centre. There are classic boutiques, numerous second-hand shops and small museums.

How to get to Trelleborg

By ferry to Trelleborg

Trelleborg: harbour
Arrival at the harbour of Trelleborg

Numerous ferries dock at Trelleborg harbour, which is why the journey is very straightforward. You can travel from Germany to Sweden in your own car or motorhome. The shipping company Stena Line offers the Rostock – Trelleborg connection, or you can take the shorter Sassnitz – Trelleborg route, also known as the “royal route”.

However, the shortest route by car is recommended via Copenhagen and the Öresund Bridge to Malmö in Sweden.

By plane to Trelleborg

Due to the connection between Denmark and Sweden via the Öresund Bridge, the nearest airport from Trelleborg is in Copenhagen. After the flight, you can then take a hire car or train across the bridge to Malmö and from there on to Trelleborg.

Accommodation in Trelleborg

In the small Swedish town, you can find hotels as well as a few cosy holiday homes. If you are only planning a short stay after the long journey and then travelling on, it is best to book a hotel in Trelleborg via the usual online portals.

Weather in Trelleborg

When is the best time to visit Trelleborg? The weather naturally has a decisive influence here. The highest temperatures are in July and August, although they are very moderate and pleasant compared to more southerly regions. However, it is also typical for Sweden that it can rain more in summer. In general, a trip to Trelleborg is recommended between spring and early autumn.

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