Helsingborg: the harbour city on the Öresund

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Helsingborg is only five kilometres away from Denmark – so the Swedish coastal town is primarily known for its harbour and the ferry to Helsingør. But the harbour city with the oldest shopping street in the country has a lot more to offer, whether it’s the beach, museums or football. Find out everything you need to know about a stay in Helsingborg here.

Why travel to Helsingborg?

If you are travelling to Sweden by car from the south, you are very likely to come across Helsingborg – either you arrive here by ferry from nearby Denmark, or you drive past the coastal town on your way overland from the south. But it’s also worth making a detour to Skåne’s second largest city, because in addition to the impressive modern harbour and the oldest shopping mile in Sweden, there’s also plenty to experience culturally here, whether in one of the exciting museums or the local cultural centre. If you prefer to relax, you can cosy up in one of the many cafés or at one of the bathing spots.

Helsingborg: Holidays
In Helsingborg, you can combine a holiday to Denmark and Sweden.

Where is Helsingborg located?

Helsingborg is located on the south coast of Sweden in the Skåne region. Malmö is only around 65 kilometres away, about an hour by car. The Swedish capital, Stockholm, is around 555 kilometres away from Helsingborg. The city of Helsingør, on the other side of the Öresund, to which there are regular ferry connections, is only 5 kilometres away as the crow flies.

Weather in Helsingborg

Helsingborg has a mild ocean climate. The best time to visit is from May to September, as the temperatures are pleasant during these months and there is not too much rainfall. The warmest month is July, when temperatures reach an average of 21° Celsius, but even in August temperatures are often around 20° Celsius. The water temperature can also reach up to 20° Celsius in the warm summer months. The coldest months are January and February, when temperatures average 2° Celsius, which is still pleasantly mild compared to other Swedish locations.

Helsingborg: things to do and places of interest

Modern harbour and historic city centre

Helsingborg: historic city centre
The Kärnan harbour in Helsingborg guards the Öresund.

In a city that is considered one of the most innovative cities in Europe, innovation and modernity meet centuries of history. The city’s harbour is correspondingly modern and invites you to take a relaxing stroll. You can also cross over to Denmark here, the journey only takes around 20 minutes.

On the other hand, there are a number of historical buildings and sights in the city centre, such as the Kärnan fortress tower, the only remnant of a fortress that once formed the counterpart to the Kronburg fortress on the Danish side, from which you have a spectacular view over the region. Other historical and architectural highlights include the Gothic St Mary’s Church, which dates back to the 12th century, and the neo-Gothic town hall, which was inaugurated in 1897.

Museums in Helsingborg: Dunkers Kulturhus and Co.

Helsingborg is home to some exciting museums. The highlight is certainly Dunkers kulturhus, a museum and art centre in the modern harbour district. Here you will find the museum of Helsingborg’s cultural heritage with a permanent exhibition on the history of the city, but the centre also offers numerous temporary exhibitions and events, for example courses and lectures on various topics in art and culture.

Another museum highlight, especially for families, is the Fredriksdal open-air museum, the largest open-air museum in Sweden. It consists of a number of historical buildings, a large garden and a zoo. In Fredriksdal you can learn a lot about the history and culture of the country and the region, while showmen and farm animals give visitors an authentic and tangible impression of rural life in Skåne.

Other notable museums in and around Helsingborg are the Toy World museum, the Beredskapsmuseet, a museum in the Helsingborg underground gun battery, which deals with Sweden’s readiness period during the Second World War, or the Keramiskt Center in Höganas, which is located around 20 kilometres from Helsingborg and impressively demonstrates how Skåne developed into a ceramic stronghold. The royal Sofiero Castle with its large park, located around six kilometres north of Helsingborg, is also worth a visit.

Beaches in Helsingborg

As a coastal city, Helsingborg not only has a harbour promenade, but also offers several beaches on the Öresund. The most popular and best-known beach is Tropical Beach, which is located close to the city centre and the ferry port. The 200 metre long natural sandy beach is named after the palm trees that decorate it in summer and offers wooden walkways, sun loungers, a children’s playground, restaurant and hygiene facilities.

Another popular beach is Gröningen, a green beach by the sea that is particularly popular with locals in summer. Here you can stroll, swim, visit cafés or simply enjoy the view with a picnic or on one of the many seating areas. Vikingstrand, Örestrandsbadet and Örby Ängar are also popular beaches that offer a spectacular ambience, especially at the end of the day.

Helsingborg: Beach
You can relax and unwind on the many beaches in Helsingborg.

Accommodation in Helsingborg

Hotels in Helsingborg

Hotels are often a particularly good choice for a city trip, as they are often centrally located and the city’s hotspots can be reached on foot. There is also a large selection for every budget, so that everyone can find the right hotel for them, whether it’s a star hotel or B&B.

Campsites in Helsingborg

The Skåne region is ideal for a camping holiday and there are a number of campsites near Helsingborg. You can also camp on the Danish side and take the ferry to Helsingborg for an excursion. Camping is very popular in Scandinavia, as it is close to nature and yet often offers many services. Wild camping is also permitted in Sweden and can be an exciting basis for a very special summer holiday. You can find more information under: Camping in Sweden and Wild camping in Sweden.

Travelling to Helsingborg

Travelling to Helsingborg by ferry

If you travel via Denmark, you can either cross the Öresund Bridge or you can travel by ferry. There are connections every twenty minutes between Helsingør and Helsingborg that only takes twenty minutes.

Helsingborg: Ferry
Helsingborg is easy to reach by ferry.

Travelling from Copenhagen to Helsingborg by train

Helsingborg is also easy to reach by train, as the railway networks of Central Europe, Denmark and Sweden are well connected. From Copenhagen, you can take a direkt connection that only takes around 1:20 hours.

Travelling by plane

If you are travelling by plane, it is best to fly to Copenhagen. The airport in the Danish capital is well connected to air traffic in the UK. Once you arrive in Copenhagen, you can cover the rest of the distance either in a rental car or by public transport – there are only around 55 kilometres between Copenhagen and Helsingborg.

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