Abisko: visit the famous national park in Northern Sweden

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Abisko, a small town in Lapland, is an excellent destination for nature lovers thanks to its neighbouring national park. Whether you want to watch the Northern Lights, go hiking or take a road trip to Nordkapp, Abisko is the perfect starting point. Find out here what there is to experience and what you should know before you plan your holiday.

Why shoud you come to Abisko?

The village of Abisko has just 131 inhabitants. But the reason for travelling to Abisko is not the city flair. Quite the opposite: the neighbouring Abisko National Park in particular is a magnet for hikers, anglers, campers and nature lovers in general. The northern lights and the midnight sun can also be marvelled at here.

Where is Abisko?

Abisko is part of the municipality of Kiruna in the Norrbotten province in the Swedish part of Lapland. It is located about 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle on the shores of Lake Torneträsk. The Norwegian border is only about 35 kilometres away. The neighbouring national park covers an area of 77 km².

Abisko: weather and best time to visit

Abisko: Weather and best time to travel
In Abisko you have to reckon with polar day and polar night.

The weather in Abisko is rather cool. The average daily temperatures throughout the year are between -10°C and 13°C. If you prefer mild temperatures, then the best time to visit is between June and September, with average maximum temperatures of 13°C in July. However, you should expect rain, as July is also the wettest month of the year.

Overall, however, the best time to visit depends on what you would like to see and do on your trip to Abisko. Summer is best for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, while in winter you can see the Northern Lights. You should also bear in mind that there are polar days and polar nights in Abisko.

Sights and activities in Abisko

The sights and most popular activities in and around Abisko are mainly outdoor sports. But nature observation and photography are also possible in Abisko National Park. The small village in idyllic and breathtaking nature is a good starting point for further excursions within Lapland.

Hiking in Abisko National Park

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Abisko National Park. You can go on guided hikes, which offer the advantage of an experienced guide, or explore the park on your own. Guided tours are particularly recommended in winter, as suitable equipment is often provided and the tours can be adapted to the fitness level of the participants.

Abisko National Park hiking
Abisko National Park is perfect for hiking.

Watching the Northern Lights in Abisko

Lapland is famous for the opportunity to observe the Northern Lights. The area around Kiruna, where Abisko is located, is a popular destination for this. The combination of the Northern Lights and the wild nature of the national park offers a very special experience in winter. If you are lucky, you can even watch the Northern Lights from your accommodation, but there are also guided tours, for example by car.

Caving and ice climbing in Abisko National Park

If you prefer something a little more sporty, then perhaps these activities are right for you: Caving and ice climbing. However, if you are not an experienced climber with the right equipment, these activities are only possible with a guide. This means that even beginners or those with a moderate level of experience can climb safely and without worry in Abisko National Park.

Abisko: Caving and ice climbing
In winter, large parts of the water in Abisko National Park freeze over.

Fishing around Abisko

From the productive rivers in Norway to ice fishing in Sweden: Scandinavia is a paradise for anglers. As Abisko is close to numerous lakes and rivers, fishing is naturally one of the most popular activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Especially if you are travelling to Abisko in winter, for example to see the Northern Lights, you should not miss out on ice fishing in Abisko National Park.

Nature observation and photography near Abisko

Abisko: Nature Observation
Nature observation and photography are perfect activities in Abisko.

Where there is a national park, there are of course opportunities for nature observation and photography. And since this national park is located in Swedish Lapland, you can discover a very special animal world here.

Moose watching in particular is at the top of the list for many travellers. You will find tours in the Abisko area that bring you closer to the wildlife and give you the opportunity to observe moose in their natural habitat.

If you not only want to observe moose, but also take photos of the breathtaking nature in general, a photography workshop in Abisko National Park is a particularly good choice. An experienced guide will give you tips and lead you to the most beautiful spots for breathtaking photos.

Holiday cottages and guesthouses in Abisko

Around Abisko you will find guest houses and guesthouses that welcome travellers. In some cases, it is also possible to hire ski equipment and even book husky tours. Many guesthouses are located close to the national park and in the immediate vicinity of Abisko railway station. There is also a hotel in the Abisko National Park itself, the Abisko Turiststation.

Abisko: travelling by car, train or plane

Most people travel to Abisko either by car or by plane. The nearest airport is in Kiruna, around 90 kilometres from Abisko. There is no direct flight from the UK. A good option is to change flights in Stockholm. From Kiruna, you can then book a hire car to drive on to Abisko.

From Stockholm to Abisko by train

Kiruna can also be reached by train. Although this takes considerably longer than travelling by plane, it is a great experience as you cross the whole of Sweden. It is also the more environmentally friendly option. The journey from Stockholm takes 15 hours and 10 minutes. You’ll be travelling in comfort in the couchette compartment and even have a shower at your disposal.

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