Swedish recipes: delicious dishes from the North

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Swedish cuisine is also very popular beyond the country’s borders thanks to its uncomplicated dishes and simple recipes. Rural home cooking with bread, fish, meat and potatoes meets traditional pastries and various desserts. The Swedes like to serve up a rich menu , especially for the important holidays of Christmas and Midsummer.

Swedish cuisine

When you think of Swedish food, you probably immediately think of classics such as crispbread and smörrebröd, köttbullar, salmon and cinnamon buns. These are real export hits because they not only taste good to everyone, but are also perfect for everyday preparation in your own kitchen.

Typical Swedish recipes are simple and delicious (“jättegott”). Regional and seasonal foods are often used: in summer, for example, Swedes love fresh berries, mushrooms and herbs from the local forests. In the cold and dark season, on the other hand, people like to warm themselves up with hearty dishes. In addition to fish and seafood, Swedish specialities also include reindeer and elk meat.

And, of course, a hearty breakfast, sweet desserts and snacks with coffee (“fika”) are also a must. That’s why people in Sweden like to bake a lot.

Swedish specialities and recipes for Midsummer

Midsummer is traditionally characterised by fresh and light dishes.

Swedish specialities made from local ingredients are often served at the Midsummer festival in June: Potatoes, salmon, meat, egg, vegetables and salad are freshly prepared and refined with herbs – a colourful menu for the whole family. For dessert, there are sweet berries of all kinds or, to celebrate the day, a Jordgubbstårta, a strawberry cake with cream and vanilla cream (see Swedish cakes). Jättegott!

Köttbullar Rezept
Köttbullar: Swedish meatballs
Schwedische Sommersuppe
Swedish summer soup
Schwedische Kartoffeln
Swedish potatoes: Hasselback potatoes
Pyttipanna: Swedish leftovers
Smörgåstårta: Schwedische Brottorte
Smörgåstårta: Swedish bread cake

Swedish recipes: Baking

What goes better with afternoon coffee than sweet pastries? As the Swedes have a daily fika, they need quick and easy baking recipes. The so-called “fikabröd” in the form of biscuits and buns also keep particularly well.

Kanelbullar schwedische Zimtschnecken
Kanelbullar: Swedish cinnamon buns
Semla Rezept
Semla: Swedish cream puff
Schwedische Haferkekse Rezept
Havreflarn: Swedish oat biscuits
Kladdkaka Rezept
Kladdkaka: Swedish chocolate cake

Swedish cake recipes

When the Swedes celebrate festive occasions and get together, they like to bake a cake. There are traditional recipes here, such as Mandeltårta or Prinzesstårta – preferably nice, creamy and sweet. The recipe for Swedish apple tart is particularly simple and therefore so popular.

Schwedische Apfeltorte
Swedish apple tart
Schwedische Mandeltorte Rezept
Swedish almond tart
Schwedische Erdbeertorte Rezept
Swedish strawberry tart

Swedish recipes for Christmas

Skandinavische Weihnachten Festtafel Julskinka
Both savoury and sweet dishes are served at the Swedish Christmas table.

The Swedes celebrate Midsummer and Christmas, which is why there are numerous typical recipes for these occasions. Swedish Christmas recipes are either savoury or sweet. There is a lot of baking and eating throughout the Advent season, especially during Lucia. Here, people also toast with glögg, the Swedish version of mulled wine.

Pepparkakor schwedische Pfefferkuchen
Pepparkakor: Swedish gingerbread
Janssons Versuchung Beitragsbild
Jansson’s temptation: Swedish potato casserole with anchovies
Lussekatter: Swedish saffron buns
Glögg: Swedish mulled wine
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