Scandinavian vintage fashion: from romantic and playful to timeless and classic

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Vintage, retro, second-hand: fashion from the past has become a trend in recent years. And not just because of their visual characteristics, but also because an awareness of sustainability has emerged. While the simplicity of the Scandinavian style seems rather modern, the idea of sustainability is also particularly widespread in Scandinavia. So why shouldn’t Scandi and vintage work together?

What is vintage fashion?

Vintage is a style that originated in Great Britain. It probably originated here in the 1990s. At that time, however, people were mainly focussing on the fashion of the 1960s. However, vintage style only really became popular in the 21st century.

Vintage style
Vintage style also inspires new designs.

Vintage actually stands for original old pieces from times gone by, for example from older collections by well-known designers. However, the term vintage style is also used for new items that are intended to look old and worn. This includes, for example, shabby chic or the used look.

The term “retro” , on the other hand, refers to new clothing that picks up on the design of past decades.

Scandinavian vintage: Scandi style reloaded

The Scandinavian vintage and retro style is particularly popular for furniture and furnishings and includes shabby chic. You can find more information on this in our style guide for the Scandinavian country house style. Scandinavian design classics are also popular vintage pieces. However, the Scandinavian vintage style has also found its way into fashion.

Scandinavian vintage fashion is often associated with natural fashion. This includes, for example, dresses and skirts with flounces, coarse lace, polka dots, chequered or floral patterns, made of wool, linen or cotton – everything that is reminiscent of Emil from Lönneberga and evokes associations with the Midsommar festival and idyllic Swedish landscapes.

Or how about colourful 70s fashion like ABBA? Modern brands are still inspired by these styles and influences today. Scandinavian linen fashion in vintage style is particularly popular.

Tip: In Stockholm’s Södermalm district you will find numerous second-hand shops with Scandinavian vintage fashion.

Scandinavians not only like to revive the vintage style, they also love original vintage pieces: It’s not for nothing that there are numerous second-hand shops in Stockholm or flea markets in Oslo. Second-hand shops from Scandinavia that sell second-hand designer pieces are also flourishing online.

Sustainability is the keyword here. The countries up north are particularly environmentally conscious, which is reflected not least in the fashion.

Scandinavian vintage fashion can also be understood in this way: Precisely because the Scandinavian style is so timeless, the clothes can be worn effortlessly vintage. You may not immediately recognise that it is old. But just like the furniture, this and their high-quality workmanship make them real classics that work time and time again. Classic trainers from well-known brands in a vintage design are particularly popular.

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