Scandinavian fashion XXL: casual elegance for large sizes

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The so-called “Scandi style” is used to describe Scandinavian fashion. The style has been popular for a long time and appears again and again in fashion magazines and on various fashion blogs. Would you describe yourself as “chubby“? Then the Scandi style is perfect for you as, with a few tricks, it makes great feel-good and figure-flattering outfits possible for larger sizes. Here you can find out what characterises the Scandinavian fashion style and how you can integrate their perfect style into your XXL wardrobe.

The Scandi style: what characterises it?

Women from the far north, especially in Sweden and Denmark, do everything right when it comes to fashion: they combine style with comfort and durability. Just like the living and furnishing style, Scandinavian fashion is rather simple and yet has distinctive characteristics. That’s why it thrives on the joy of combination and creativity.

Scandinavians know exactly how to combine individual basics with each other and add accessories to create a new chic look every day. The keyword is timeless and casual elegance. All of this is perfect for plus size fashion!


A casual Scandi style thrives on restraint – but that doesn’t mean boredom. Since quality is more important than quantity, it’s all about skillfully combining high-quality and classic basic pieces.


Scandinavian women – especially Danish women – prefer to cycle rather than take the car, so the clothes have to fulfil this requirement. That’s why flat shoes are perfect. White trainers in particular round off the perfect Scandi style.

Durability & high quality

It’s worth investing in the Scandinavian look. Pieces made from high-quality materials are durable and can be put together to create a capsule wardrobe that is always right for you, as the individual pieces can be combined again and again.


The Scandi style is inspired by closeness to nature: its colours tend to be muted and the individual pieces are usually plain. The cuts are straightforward, which is why the clothing does not restrict the body.


The Scandinavians focus on comfort and the feel-good factor: “hygge” is a way of life and stands for cosiness, which is above all reflected in the clothing materials that are adapted to the climatic conditions of the far north. Temperatures here tend to be cool to mild. Natural materials and cosy knitwear are often used.

Tips & tricks: Scandi style for large sizes

Scandi Style XXL

The colour code: shades that flatter the figure

If you love muted colours, Scandinavian fashion is just right for you. Above all, they flatter the figure, as the garments in the Nordic look are plain-coloured and in natural and pastel shades.

If you want to try patterns, you should make sure that they are not overbearing. However, Scandinavian designs are perfect in that aspect as well, as they tend to focus on quieter patterns that are often inspired by nature.

Monochrome tone-on-tone combinations are particularly stylish and elegant, rounded off with a belt bag in a slightly darker shade from the same colour family, for example. This creates a slender figure.

Material and cuts: casual and comfortable

The Scandinavian wardrobe is perfect for curvy figures in particular, as the straight cuts play loosely around the body without constricting it. At the same time, the material is comfortable and cosy. A lot of leather and wool is involved. The trousers have a loose and flowing cut, making them not only perfect for plus sizes, but also particularly stylish. A simple linen blouse is the perfect basis and can be combined in a variety of ways.

The most important key pieces in plus size

The Scandinavian style consists of individual key pieces that you can also easily find in larger sizes. In women’s fashion, these include well-fitting jeans, a dress, a blouse and a minimalist watch. Choose a shop you trust with a range that suits you and offers several sizes.

With jeans in particular, it is important that the cut, length, wash and details such as pockets and buttons are right – and last but not least, of course, that you feel comfortable and can wear your trousers all day long.

Scandinavian accessories: not too small, not too big

Accessories can be larger so as not to get lost in the mix. This is not a problem with the Scandi style. Swedes and co. shop for eye-catching and stylish accessories to add the finishing touches to simple looks.

Bags are a major theme here: a bum bag is particularly modern and creates a waistline, while a handle bag looks feminine. If you like it practical and sporty, you can also opt for a casual rucksack.

Scandi-style jewellery, on the other hand, tends to be delicate and dainty. You should be careful here, as larger body proportions can also tolerate a little “more”.

Scandinavian accessories
The perfect Scandinavian accessories are simple and timeless.

The measure lies in the golden mean: The jewellery should not be too chunky, but also not too dainty. Elegant stud earrings or slightly wider, not too large hoop earrings as well as watches or slightly wider rings are beautiful. Many well-known jewellery labels, such as Pandora or Pilgrim, come from Scandinavia and offer a large selection.

If you prefer something more playful, you can also choose floral jewellery. The online shop Lumoava has a special selection of Finnish jewellery. Here, too, it is important to choose the right size.

Top brands for large sizes

VERO MODA Curve, ONLY Play Curve, ONLY Carmakoma, Noisy May Curve: All three brands belong to the large company Bestseller from the Danish brand. Scandi style in large sizes can be shopped here with a clear conscience for a slightly smaller budget.

Sheego: Although Sheego is a German company, it offers selected pieces that can be put together to create a Scandinavian outfit. The brand specialises in plus size fashion for women.

Zizzi: Behind the Zizzi brand is a Danish company that has set itself the goal of translating Scandinavian style into plus size.

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