Scandinavian outdoor brands: manufacturers of functional clothing at a glance

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Looking for Scandinavian fashion brands in the outdoor sector? Here you will find an overview of the most popular outdoor brands from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Whether you want to equip yourself for hiking, skiing, sailing, fishing or cycling – these manufacturers have the right equipment for you.

Swedish outdoor brands

Swedish nature at heart: these outdoor brands have been around for a long time, because Sweden is a country of nature lovers. Discover all the manufacturers of functional clothing who are guided by traditional values and develop their products directly in their home environment .

Craft Sportswear Logo


Craft manufactures professional clothing for endurance sports such as cycling, running and cross-country skiing. To this day, the brand from Borås in Sweden is considered a pioneer in functional underwear and equips numerous top international athletes. Since 2018, there has also been a team sports collection for teams and clubs.

Didriksons Logo


Didriksons is the brand for modern and high-quality outdoor jackets for adults and children. The company of the founding couple of the same name has its roots in Grundsund in western Sweden. Back then, the company produced workwear for fishermen, but today it produces water and wind-repellent jackets and trousers for all kinds of use.

Fjällräven Logo


The Swedish brand Fjällräven (“Arctic Fox”) is best known for its rucksacks with the red fox motif. However, in the northern Swedish fells of Örnsköldsvik, not only are bags of all shapes and sizes developed and tested, but also high-quality clothing and equipment for various outdoor activities – from expedition jackets to sleeping bags. Fjällräven attaches particular importance to sustainable materials.

Fjällräven impressions rucksacks
Photo: Fjällräven
Haglöfs Logo


Haglöfs is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor equipment and clothing. The original idea of founder Wiktor Haglöf was to develop a functional touring rucksack for all weather conditions. The brand is now regarded as a Scandinavian classic for jackets, trousers and rucksacks made from durable materials for mountain sports.

Haglöfs impressions hiking
Photo: Haglöfs


Houdini is a modern outdoor brand based in Stockholm and was founded in the 1990s by a climbing and skiing instructor. It offers functional clothing and accessories for men, women and children – from base layers, consisting of high-quality functional underwear, to robust jackets and parkas.

Ivanhoe of Sweden

The Ivanhoe brand from Gällstad in Sweden produces functional and sporty clothing made of wool, including jackets, functional underwear and accessories such as scarves and hats.

Klättermusen Logo


Whether trekking, climbing or skiing: The Swedish brand Klättermusen specialises in all outdoor activities in the mountains. It offers durable clothing and equipment, especially rucksacks, for professional mountaineering. Klättermusen offers equipment for all climatic conditions, from the Arctic to the jungle.

Lundhags Logo


The Swedish company Lundhags from Jämtland is best known for its hiking boots and outdoor clothing. What began as a small shoe factory in 1932 is now a popular brand beyond Sweden’s borders with a sustainable concept and a wide range of hiking equipment.

Peak Performance Logo

Peak Performance

Peak Performance was founded in the Swedish ski resort of Åre with the aim of developing modern ski clothing. The brand now also equips golfers, runners and cyclists and also offers casual sports and leisurewear in the form of shirts, hoodies and jogging trousers.

Peak Performance impressions SS21 women's fashion
Photo: Peak Performance


The Swedish brand Pinewood, which became famous for its chequered lumberjack shirts, focuses on clothing for hiking, hunting and fishing. Inspired by the forests of Sweden, Pinewood avoids bright neon colours and eye-catching patterns. Instead, it offers trousers, jackets, shirts and jumpers in natural colours and simple designs.


Functional and stylish outdoor clothing for all weather conditions: The Tenson brand develops innovations for various sports, including skiing, mountaineering and sailing. The company was founded in 1951 in Varberg, Sweden, and has even kitted out successful mountaineers on their expeditions.


Tierra began as a brand for mountaineering expeditions: in 1991 it equipped the first all-Swedish team to successfully climb Mount Everest. Today, Tierra not only develops functional clothing for Swedish mountain rescue teams, but also for anyone who enjoys mountain sports in their free time. The company attaches particular importance to sustainable production.

2117 of Sweden

2117 originated as a brand for fashionable ski clothing. The young Swedish company now also equips golfers, runners and outdoor enthusiasts with functional clothing. In addition, 2117 offers a collection made entirely from recycled polyester and waste products from textile production.

Norwegian outdoor brands

Norway is the land of outdoor brands. This is not only due to the successful winter sports athletes and Olympians who come from here. Work in the far north has also traditionally taken place in the often harsh natural environment. Clever inventors of functional workwear soon became brands for all outdoor activities – from kayaking on the fjord to skiing and mountaineering.


Aclima describes itself as a “wool specialist” because the Norwegian company relies on merino wool for its functional clothing. This has practical natural properties and is skilfully processed by Aclima. It is used for both summer and winter clothing using the onion principle.


Bergans stands for all-round equipment in the outdoor sector and not only offers colourful functional clothing for mountaineering, fishing, skiing, expeditions and everyday life. The range of the brand based in Hokksund, Norway, also includes equipment in the form of rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags. There is also suitable outdoor clothing for children and teenagers based on the onion principle.


Daehlie is the cross-country skiing clothing brand of the successful Norwegian cross-country skier Bjørn Dæhlie. From functional underwear to jackets, gloves and hats, Daehlie equips adults and children for winter sports with a modern and sporty design.


Devold has been synonymous with high-quality wool products designed for hiking, skiing, running and even expeditions since 1853. As the natural fibre is particularly versatile, it is used for both warming functional underwear and breathable sportswear. The products are particularly suitable as a base and insulation layer.

Helly Hansen Logo

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen stands for a long Norwegian tradition: Captain Helly Juell Hansen began developing waterproof workwear for his crew at sea in 1877. This gave rise to what is now a globally recognised company for functional everyday clothing and special outdoor equipment for adults and children. Whether winter jacket, rucksack, rubber boots or trainers – Helly Hansen offers a wide range of products.

Helly Hansen jacket and Fjällräven rucksack
Scandinavian travelling: with a Helly Hansen jacket and rucksack from Fjällräven.

Kari Traa

“For girls, by girls” is Kari Traa’s motto: the brand’s ski, hiking and winter clothing is specially designed for women. The Olympian and skier of the same name knitted her own eye-catching hats during her training and later founded the label. Thanks to colourful and patterned designs, the brand’s leggings, tops, jackets and sports underwear look particularly feminine and modern.

Norrona Logo


The history and motivation of the Norrøna brand is as Nordic as the name sounds. The family business, based near Oslo, initially developed outdoor equipment and then specialised in functional clothing for mountain sports. This is how the first Gore-Tex jacket in Europe was created. The equipment for mountaineering, hiking, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or snowboarding is designed to withstand the Norwegian outdoors.

Skogstadt Logo


Founded in the middle of Norway’s fjord landscape, Skogstad is still a family business for outdoor clothing for young and old. The products are based on the onion principle and are named after places, fjords or mountains in Norway. The company is primarily known for its high-quality children’s outdoor clothing.

Sweet Protection

The name says it all: Sweet Protection not only offers sportswear, but above all protective equipment for extreme and fast sports. The brand is primarily known for its innovative and robust helmets. There are also back, knee and elbow protectors. What was originally developed for skating is now also designed for water sports, winter sports and mountain biking.

Sweet Protection mountainbiking
Photo: Sweet Protection

Danish outdoor brands

Surrounded by the sea, there are also numerous uses for functional clothing in Denmark – from jogging on the beach to cycling and camping.

Danish Endurance Logo

Danish Endurance

Danish Endurance equips athletes for the most popular activities: Hiking, jogging and cycling. Unlike many other brands, Danish Endurance does not specialise in outerwear for extreme weather and temperatures, but offers functional underwear, sports socks and casual sportswear that is just as suitable for your favourite outdoor hobby as it is for the gym.

Y by Nordisk

Never freeze again: The Yeti and Nordisk brands have joined forces for Y by Nordisk. The result is a line of outdoor sleeping bags and clothing with high-quality down filling. The Danish company Nordisk specialises in outdoor equipment such as tents, rucksacks and bags, camping cooking utensils and much more.

Finnish outdoor brands

Finland is known for its vast natural landscapes. Whether in the snow of Lapland, on one of the many lakes or in the archipelago on the coast: practical clothing and functional equipment are suitable in these areas.


The Finnish company Icepeak is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of outdoor clothing for men, women and children. There is a large selection of jackets, trousers and accessories in bright colours, especially for winter sports. However, shirts, hoodies and dresses are also made for sporty everyday outfits. Icepeak equips the Finnish Olympic team, among others.

Other Scandinavian outdoor brands

  • Svala
  • 66° North
  • Amundsen Sports
  • Ulvang
  • Tufte Wear
  • Hestra
  • Skhoop
  • Varg
  • Woolpower
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