Scandinavian fashion for men: casual, functional and chic clothing

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Scandinavian menswear is characterised by its casualness and supposed effortlessness. Even chic outfits in the so-called Scandi style tend to be purist and simple. Of course, a relaxed but well-groomed three-day beard is a perfect match.

Style meets functionality

Scandinavians love understated minimalism and at the same time value the functionality of their clothing. Because the perfect Scandinavian look keeps you warm and dry even in wind and weather and when you’re out and about on your bike. At the same time, you can see the quality of the pieces, which is why the outfits look elegant and stylish despite their skilful effortlessness. When it comes to cuts, the Scandi style thrives on contrasts. In menswear, slim fit meets boxy and oversized.

The Scandinavian key pieces for him

Scandi look for men
Wool coat, slim jeans, white trainers: the Scandi look for men is complete.

If you want to master the transition from work to leisure in your everyday life, Scandi-style clothing is just right for you. Here you will find items for your basic wardrobe – or key pieces – to ensure you are well dressed for every occasion.


The perfect coat is the Scandinavian item of clothing in the men’s wardrobe. It is worth investing in a high-quality and durable piece that will last for several years and keep you warm even in the cold winter months. Scandinavians favour coats in darker natural shades and made of wool.

The typical Scandinavian men’s coat has a straight cut and comes without elaborate details. To make the look more interesting and individualise it, various accessories are combined instead. A monochrome tone-on-tone outfit, such as fabric trousers and a turtleneck jumper or shirt, goes well with this.


Suits are the Scandinavian choice if you want something more chic. Here too, dark and plain-coloured styles made from comfortable cotton are preferred. This means that pinstripes or checks are avoided. The trousers tend to have a narrow cut. This makes the suits look classy, but they are still suitable for everyday wear.

The suit thrives on creative combinations: It may seem like a break in style, but for the typical Scandinavian look, a knitted hat, trainers or lace-up boots can also be worn with a suit. A jacket can also be combined with jeans and trousers for a more relaxed look.


Scandinavian jumpers
Scandinavian jumpers are reduced or in Norwegian style.

As with womenswear, the material plays an important role in Scandinavian menswear. High-quality natural materials such as wool, mohair, cashmere or wool blends are often used. This is because many knitwear items, such as jumpers and cardigans, are worn. Norwegian fashion is best known for its typical Norwegian jumpers, which add a bit of pattern and colour to the Scandi style.

If you prefer to keep it simple, you can of course also opt for minimalist, slightly coarser knitted turtlenecks or round-neck jumpers for the Scandinavian style.

Knitwear can also be found in Scandinavian fashion in winter accessories such as scarves, hats and gloves – so there is (almost) no such thing as too much knitwear.


Jeans, not only in the form of trousers but also as shirts, jackets etc., are typical of Scandinavian menswear as well. The material is robust, functional and has a casual-cool look. You are welcome to invest in high-quality denim trousers, preferably slim-fitting and in darker colours.


White trainers Scandi style
White trainers round off the Scandi style for men.

Comfortable trainers really round off any Scandi style. Whether worn with a business outfit or casually with jeans and a jumper, urban Scandinavians wear them always and everywhere. The models are less sporty or brightly coloured. Instead, white trainers are mainly chosen or they are combined with coloured socks.

In warmer temperatures, Scandinavians like to show off their ankles, which means that low-cut trainers are worn without socks or only with short socks and ankle-length trousers.

For outdoor activities or a more weatherproof look, however, they are often replaced with lace-up boots, which are just as functional and casual.

Accessories: backpacks, watches and caps

Knitted hat and turtelneck jumper
Scandi style for men with knitted hat and watch to go with a turtleneck jumper

Scandinavian men’s fashion is further characterised by accessories. Although not too many are mixed together, individual high-quality pieces round off the outfit. Due to their functionality, Scandinavians like large bags and rucksacks in subtle colours or made of leather. Backpacks from the Swedish label Fjällräven are particularly popular.

The same applies to watches, although in the Scandi style they are not so much made of solid metal but have a flat shape and often a leather strap.

Single-coloured knitted hats are preferred, which not only keep you warm, but also serve as a casual accessory for the Nordic look.

Do’s & Dont’s

Less is more: Combine solid-coloured pieces through to tone-on-tone outfitsMix different colours and patterns
Individual, high-quality accessories are a mustCombining too many accessories
Stay relaxed: Functionality takes centre stage
(Tip: combine outdoor clothing)
Choose clothes that are too chic
Choose cosy natural materials
(cashmere wool, sheep’s wool, cotton, leather)
Choose shiny materials such as velvet or polyester

Scandinavian outdoor clothing

Many Scandinavian brands and manufacturers are represented in the outdoor clothing sector and are known for their designs. This is no coincidence, as the far north combines a wet and cool climate with diverse natural landscapes that are well worth seeing.

Whether Norwegian fjords, Swedish forests or the Danish coast – outside the hip urban areas, Scandinavians reach for windproof functional jackets, hiking trousers or ski clothing as well. However, some of these elements can also be incorporated into a sporty everyday look, such as the Fjällräven rucksack, which was originally designed for outdoor use.

Swedish, Danish and Norwegian menswear – differences and brands

The so-called Scandi style describes the typical fashion style of all three countries, as the overall fashion trends and characteristics of Swedes, Danes and Norwegians are very similar. However, while Norwegian labels tend to focus on functional outdoor clothing, most Swedish and Danish labels concentrate on the typical Scandinavian minimalist style.

The various accessory labels that have made a name for themselves in recent years with their unique and conceptual product lines are particularly striking. Their modern designs are often inspired by architecture and nature.

Swedish brands

  • Acne Studios
  • Cos
  • Didriksons
  • Gant
  • Björn Borg
  • Marc O’Polo
  • Flippa K
  • J.Lindeberg
  • Nudie Jeans
  • Tiger of Sweden
  • Fjällräven
  • Haglöfs
  • Sandqvist (Accessories)

Danish brands

  • Jack & Jones
  • Only & Sons
  • Samsoe & Samsoe
  • Wood Wood
  • Selected Homme
  • Mos Mosh
  • Royal RepubliQ (shoes and accessories)
  • Rains
  • Nordgreen (accessories)
  • ARKK Copenhagen (shoes)

Norwegian brands

  • Helly Hansen
  • Norrona
  • Dale of Norway
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