Danish names: Nordic baby names from popular to unusual

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From popular to traditional: the first names of Nordic countries are also popular in Germany and elsewhere. We have put together a selection of the most beautiful Danish first names for all genders.

Why are Danish first names so popular?

Why are Danish first names so popular?
Danish baby names are popular with many parents-to-be.

Danish first names are among the most popular Scandinavian names, especially in Germany. One reason for this is probably the geographical proximity of Denmark.

And it is not only parents who know the country from their holidays, but also the Danish minority in northern Germany who have adopted the names into German usage. The open national border does not prevent the two EU countries from engaging in linguistic and cultural exchange.

Due to the linguistic relationship and historical connection, some names have existed in both languages for a long time. Today, there are also series, films and books from the north that inspire parents.

The most popular Danish first names

Despite the linguistic relationship, the most popular Danish first names differ significantly from the most popular Swedish first names. However, there is one thing that Scandinavian parents-to-be have in common: the name Emma is particularly popular throughout Scandinavia.

  • Emma – the tall one
  • Alma – young woman/the capable one
  • Clara – the shining one
  • Freja – Nordic goddess of love
  • Sofia – the wise
  • William – determined protector
  • Alfred – the counselling elf
  • Oscar – divine spear
  • Noah – the comforter
  • Karl – the (free) man

As of 2019, you can find more information at Statistics Denmark.

most popular Danish baby names in 2019
The most popular Danish baby names in 2019 were Emma and William.

Danish first names for boys

Danish first names for boys have already established themselves, especially in northern Germany. Names like Mads, Pelle and Steen may still be something special, but they are already a big name in the German vocabulary. Benjamin, Otto or Albert, for example, are not specifically associated with the North by many.

  • Mikkel – “Who is like God?”
  • Benjamin – the youngest
  • Mads – a gift from God
  • Villads – determined fighter
  • Otto – the owner/rich man
  • Emil – the eager one
  • Nohr – the narrow-minded
  • Johan – the blessed one
  • Pelle – rock/stone
  • Albert – the noble
  • Christer – the Christian/consecrated
  • Steen – stone

Danish first names for girls

The same applies to Danish first names for girls. If you’re looking for an individual name with a Nordic sound, you’ll find options such as Mynte, Smilla or Gry just as well as if you’re looking for something more familiar such as Sara or Mathilde.

  • Rosa – the rose
  • Gry – the freshness
  • Sara – the princess
  • Mynte – mint
  • Leonora – the stranger
  • Jette – the ruler
  • Mathilde – the mighty fighter
  • Smilla – the smiling/humming one
  • Liva – the protector
  • Astrid – the star
  • Aya – the righteous one
  • Mille – the ambitious one

Unisex first names

Danish gender-neutral names
There are also gender-neutral names in Danish.

Many parents-to-be would like to give their child a neutral first name. This is a good option if, for example, the child’s gender is not known beforehand or if you want to raise a child as gender-neutral as possible. There are beautiful variants for unisex names in Danish, such as Robin or Janne.

  • Noé – calming, comforting
  • Robin – glorious
  • Kaj – pure
  • Janne – gracious/kind
  • Bente – blessed

Old Danish first names with meaning

Those who are interested in history or like the sound of old Danish might like to opt for an old Danish name. These are often even more closely linked to their meaning than modern first names, as they are usually chosen for precisely this reason.

  • Saga: Old Norse goddess of stories and sagas (term for Old Norse sagas)
  • Askatla: Name from Old Danish
  • Asger: Spear of the gods; derived from the Old Norse name Ásgeirr
  • Troels: Thor’s arrow
  • Kirsa: derived from the Old High German word for cherry; a Danish form of Kristin

More inspiration for Danish first names

If you are looking for more inspiration for Danish first names, we recommend a name book. As it is unfortunately difficult to find a book that deals specifically with Danish first names, many parents turn to alternatives. Comprehensive, Scandinavian and North German name books are particularly suitable for this.

Danish baby equipment

Many furnishing, clothing and design brands come from Denmark, including numerous brands for Scandinavian baby fashion.

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