Finnish first names: name ideas from classic to popular

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The Finnish language is very different from that of its Scandinavian neighbours and is therefore particularly recognisable. Are you a big Finland fan? So why not use this for an unusual or special child’s name? In addition to old, classic and traditional names – which originate from Nordic mythology, for example – there are also modern names that are currently very popular with Finns. If you are looking for a first name for your girl or boy, you will find a large selection here.

Typical Finnish names and their meaning

In Finland, Swedish is the country’s second official language, which is why there are a few overlaps with Swedish first names. But the language of Finland’s neighbour Russia also has an influence.

Nevertheless, there are a few first names that are very traditional in Finland and sound classically Finnish. These are, for example, slight variations or short forms of popular first names (e.g. “Aleksi” from Alexander) or names whose origins lie in Finnish mythology. Many of these have a deeper meaning that describes a person’s character traits. It is also noticeable that Finnish names tend to be short.

If you are looking for a typical Finnish name with a suitable meaning for your baby, you can find a selection here.

Typical female first names from Finland

Aaada:“The adorned one” or “the distinguished one”
Aika:“pointy”, “cutting edge” or “sword point”
Finja:Translates as “the Finnish one”, or as much as “the delicate one”
Freia/Frija:“the mistress”
Juna:“The blooming one” or “the friendly one”
Kira:“The mistress” or “the sun”
Linnea:“The mild one”, “the gentle one”, “the tender one” or “the kind one”.
Malin:Short form of Magdalena; “the sublime” and “the tower”
Maya/Maia/Maja:“the radiant one”, “the wonder”
Tallulah:“bubbling spring” or “flowing water”
Tarja:“the powerful one”, “the knowing one” or “the protector”
Vanya:“Yahweh is kind”
Finnish names deeper meaning
Names often have a deeper meaning that should match the character – that is also the case in Finnish.

Many Finnish celebrities have names that are typical of the country, including the singers Samu Haber and Ville Valo, the two Formula 1 racing drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Mika Häkkinen, as well as the ski jumper Janne Ahonen. That proves: Finnish names are a real export hit.

Typical male first names from Finland

Aleksi:Finnish version of Alexander; “the protector”, “the helper”, “the defender”
Alvar:“elf”, “nature spirit” or also “warrior”
Birger:“helper” or “protector”
Eetu:“guardian of his possessions”
Kimmo:“God raises up”
Leevi/Levi/Levy:“Higher than a hill, but not as high as a mountain”
Lenni:“The strong lion”
Nilas:Scandinavian version of Nils; “Victory of the people”
Onni:“the lucky one”, “the fortunate one”
Oskari:“the deity” or “the spear”
Tapio:From the mythology of Finland; “The god of the forest, animals, and hunting”
Ville:“The strong-willed one”, “the determined one”

The most striking feature of Finnish names is the spelling with double vowels or consonants, which differs from the spelling we are familiar with (e.g. “Iida” instead of “Ida”). This difference can be seen in Finnish pronunciation as well: the double letters indicate particularly long sounds. They are usually pronounced twice as long as the single sound.

Finnish names for girls

You can find the 10 most beautiful Finnish girls’ names here:

  1. Anni
  2. Venla
  3. Emma
  4. Iida
  5. Veera
  6. Oona
  7. Sara
  8. Vilma
  9. Elina
  10. Siiri

Finnish names for boys

Here we have listed the 10 most beautiful boy names from Finland:

  1. Antti
  2. Jami
  3. Joona
  4. Aleksi
  5. Samu
  6. Jaakko
  7. Aaro
  8. Jesse
  9. Arttu
  10. Juho

The most popular Finnish names 2020/2021

Finnish name inspiration

Which names do Finns choose for their children? Here you can find the country’s most popular names from 2020 to 2021, sorted by frequency.

Female first names:

  1. Maria
  2. Sofia
  3. Aurora
  4. Olivia
  5. Emilia
  6. Aino
  7. Matilda
  8. Linnea
  9. Amanda
  10. Helmi

Male first names:

  1. Juhani
  2. Olavi
  3. John
  4. Mikael
  5. Oliver
  6. Ilmari
  7. Onni
  8. Elias
  9. Eino
  10. Matias
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