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Scandinavia is primarily known for its exciting crime and thriller films, but the productions from the far north offer even more. Here you will find a comprehensive list of the best and latest series from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland for direct streaming – sorted by provider and genre. We have the top tips for all Scandinavia and series fans looking for addictive entertainment: perfect for a series marathon in a group, as a couple or alone.

A brief overview: Scandinavian series highlights

  • The Rain
  • Ragnarok
  • Young Wallander
  • The Valhalla Murders
  • Quicksand
  • Caliphate
  • Bordertown
  • Fast Money
  • Love & Anarchy

Scandinavian series on Netflix

Netflix evening

Netflix’s selection of Scandinavian series has increased considerably in recent times – be it with elaborate in-house productions in various genres or with the takeover of formats that are already successful in their countries of origin.

Comedy & Drama on Netflix

Bonus Family (2017-2021) from Sweden

Things get wild in the four seasons of the Swedish dramedy, because after all, a large patchwork family comes with many challenges.

The focus is on a Stockholm couple who move into a shared house with their children from previous relationships – chaos is inevitable, as other relatives also interfere heavily in everyday family life.

Love and anarchy (2020-2022) from Sweden

This humorous Netflix series revolves around Sofie, a family mum and business woman, who starts a new job as a consultant for a publishing house in Stockholm. She promptly starts an affair with a much younger IT expert.

Not only a recommendation for all fans of Swedish lifestyle and design (note the protagonist’s flat and outfits!), but also for a cosy afternoon watching a series that will make you smile and let you drift off.

Rita (2012-2020) from Denmark

The Danish version of “The Teacher” comes with a female lead. The 5 seasons are about the self-confident and open-hearted teacher Rita and her turbulent everyday life with her own three children, the pupils in her class or with her affair – the father of a schoolchild. Entertaining, humorous and pleasantly crazy.

Young Royals (2021-2022) from Sweden

This coming-of-age drama series from Netflix revolves around the young Prince William, second-born son of the Swedish Queen. He attends the elite boarding school Hillerska and unexpectedly becomes the new heir to the throne. Now he finds himself in the dilemma of his royal duties and the everyday problems in the life of a teenager.

Home for Christmas (2019-2020) from Norway

For Christmas 2019 and 2020, Netflix offered a fitting pinch of love and humour. The series “Home for Christmas” more than lives up to its title: for the main character Johanne, the festive season is anything but harmonious.

As a permanently single woman, she is subjected to nasty comments from her family every year and has to sit between the children at the Christmas table. So it’s time for her to find a partner to bring home with her – and the dating marathon begins. Will she make it in time?

A storm at Christmas (2022) from Norway

The six-part mini-series “A Storm at Christmas” (“Julestorm” in the original) creates a festive winter atmosphere and is perfect for a series evening in December.

The premise of the series is simple: due to a winter storm, a wide variety of characters are stranded at Oslo airport just in time for Christmas and come together. Chaos and conflict are inevitable – but there are also plenty of romantic and emotional moments.

Crime & Thriller on Netflix

Case (2015) from Iceland

“Case” is an Icelandic TV crime series with 9 episodes that is available on Netflix. It starts with the alleged suicide of a ballet dancer in Reykjavik. Her parents hire a lawyer to solve the case. Both he and the official investigator gradually uncover deep abysses and dark secrets that make a suicide increasingly unlikely. The series plays with typical elements of “Nordic Noir”.

Deadwind (2018-2021) from Finland

The three seasons of the crime series revolve around the Finnish investigative duo Sofia Karppi and Sakari Nurmi, who investigate murder cases in Helsinki. Their private fates also play a central role and turn the plot into a typical Scandinavian crime thriller. Although the series is not based on a novel, it is still worthwhile for all fans of “Nordic Noir” who do not shy away from dark images.

Young Wallander (2020-2022) from Sweden

Anyone who can’t get enough of Sweden’s most famous investigator can now follow the young Kurt Wallander in the Netflix production of the same name with two seasons. The series shows the prehistory of the popular investigator character from Henning Mankell’s crime novels, namely his sudden rise from patrolman to detective.

Equinox (2020) from Denmark

Mystery meets psychological thriller in this nerve-wracking story. Based on the podcast series of the same name from 1985, the protagonist of Equinox, a radio presenter, is once again confronted with the inexplicable disappearance of her sister 20 years ago. In a similar vein to “Dark”, the mini-series revolves around strange visions and jumps between time periods.

Caliphate (2020) from Sweden

The Swedish series “Caliphate” falls somewhere between the genres of drama and thriller. The 8 episodes focus on how young women in Sweden are recruited by the Islamic State. The focus is on the radicalisation of the female characters. As the season ends with a cliffhanger, it is likely that the series will be continued.

Warrior (2018) from Denmark

This Netflix mini-series revolves around gang crime and an unresolved war trauma: a soldier returns to Copenhagen from a deployment abroad and investigates on his own initiative together with a policewoman. Can be watched as part of a series marathon.

Quicksand (2019) from Sweden

Netflix produced the mini-series “Quicksand” in 2019, based on the Swedish bestselling novel “You Can’t Lie in Your Dreams”. It centres on a killing spree at an elite school in Stockholm and the high society scene involved. Tip for fans of “Dead Girls Don’t Lie” who aren’t afraid of serious topics.

Post Mortem: Nobody dies in Skarnes (2021) from Norway

Dark and supernatural: this is the Norwegian thriller series “Post Mortem”, which plays with elements of classic Scandi-Noir. Anyone who takes an ironic approach to zombies and vampires should take a look. This is what it’s about: In the sleepy little town of Skarnes, a woman awakens from the dead – with an insatiable thirst for blood. Meanwhile, her brother is desperately trying to save the family-run funeral parlour from insolvency. Conveniently, there are suddenly an astonishing number of dead people in Skarnes…

Fast Money (2021) from Sweden

Inspired by the successful trilogy “Easy Money” by Jens Lapidus, the Netflix series “Fast Money” delves into the gangster milieu of Stockholm. More specifically, it is about the criminal double life of the main character Leya. The single mother and start-up founder oscillates between her career and criminal deals. She urgently needs money and gets involved with her brother-in-law, who is active in the drug scene. Summary: An exciting story, unfortunately with little depth.

The Valhalla Murders (2020-) from Iceland

The thriller series revolves around the duo of a Norwegian investigator and an Icelandic detective who investigate a gruesome series of murders in Reykjavik. The “Nordic Noir” genre is clearly inscribed in the series, as it typically also deals with the private lives of the two main characters. Incidentally, the plot is based on real cases from the 1940s. If you fancy a classic, gritty crime thriller and a snowy Iceland, “The Valhalla Murders” is just the thing for you.

Fantasy, mythology & dystopia on Netflix

Katla (2021) from Iceland

Science fiction in the Icelandic countryside: the first Icelandic Netflix production has it all. After the Katla volcano erupts in the village of Vík, nothing is as it was. Only a few people still live in the apocalyptic ash desert left behind. And suddenly mysterious things start happening that cannot be explained by science… Summary: Exciting story with gripping images.

Norsemen (2016-2020) from Norway

Two genres meet here: comedy is paired with mythological history. The three seasons of “Norsemen” are set around the year 970 in a Viking village and work with humour and exaggeration in the style of “Monty Python”. Everyday problems such as raids, slavery and violence take centre stage. The series is a successful satirical change from the otherwise rather dark and cold-blooded Viking series.

The Rain (2018-2020) from Denmark

Dystopian future scenario with a frighteningly high degree of realism: the Scandinavian population is deliberately reduced in size by a virus transmitted by rain. Two siblings find shelter in a bunker for six years and have to face the brutal reality of the new world. A fight for survival begins. The three seasons of the Danish Netflix in-house production are both thrilling and fascinating – right up to the last episode.

Ragnarök (2020) from Norway

The Netflix original refers to Norse mythology. “Ragnarök” is the well-known saga that describes the end of the world. In this series of the same name, schoolboy Magne becomes the legendary hero of a Scandinavian world in an apocalyptic mood. Anyone who likes the mix of fantasy and reality (keyword: global warming and melting poles) should definitely take a look.

Documentaries on Netflix

Wild Scandinavia (2011)

Seven impressive episodes take us into the Scandinavian wilderness with its glaciers, forests, volcanoes and fjords. Animals and their habitats in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Greenland are shown. Each episode is dedicated to one destination and its biodiversity. A real tip for all Scandinavia fans!

Scandinavian series on Amazon Prime

Streaming series

Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service has a slightly smaller selection of Nordic series than its competitor Netflix. Here you will mainly find classic crime series in the Nordic Noir style.

Comedy on Prime

Welcome to Sweden (2014-2015) from Sweden

The comedy series is an American and Swedish co-production. American accountant Bruce follows his partner to her home country of Sweden. Naturally, family and nationality chaos is inevitable.

Crime & Thriller at Prime

Frikjent (“Acquitted”) (2016-2018) from Norway

This gripping Nordic series, of which two seasons have been produced, centres on a man acquitted of murder who returns to the small Norwegian town of Lifjord after 20 years and is confronted with the consequences. Many residents are still convinced that he killed a young girl. The victim’s mother in particular makes his life difficult.

Occupied – The Occupation (2015-2017) from Sweden/Norway

This thriller drama series revolves around a global crisis caused by climate change. Norway wants to stop producing oil and gas. In three seasons, the potential future of Western society is examined and the current economic and ecological situation is put in a critical light.

Science fiction & fantasy at Prime

Nymphs (2013) from Finland

The fantasy series combines mysticism with romance and drama. Although it is set in modern times, it draws on elements of Greek mythology. Recommended for all fantasy fans.

Real Humans (2012-2014) from Sweden

Futuristic sci-fi adventure that explores the possibilities of human robots in two seasons. The exciting thing is that the so-called “hubots” start to develop emotions.

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