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Anyone who has ever been to Denmark will be familiar with the full counters of the many small bakeries with bread rolls and all kinds of sweet treats. But the Danes also like savoury snacks on the go. Whether you’re looking for delicious baking recipes or simple recipes for a quick and hearty lunch – you’ll find the best dishes from Denmark here.

Danish cuisine

The agricultural character of the Scandinavian countries gave rise to their typical dishes – and Denmark is no exception. Danish cuisine traditionally consists of sweet and savoury baked goods, dairy products and a wide selection of fish and meat. Today, you will find regional home cooking paired with modern and international influences.

The main meal in Denmark is an early and hearty dinner, because at lunchtime people prefer a quick bite to eat: smørrebrød, hot dogs, meatballs or chips. These hearty lunchtime dishes and the various pastries are considered Danish classics that are popular beyond the country’s borders.

Danish specialities: recipes

Danish classic for lunch: a smörrebröd
The Danish classic for lunch: a smörrebröd with fish or sausage, egg and remoulade.

Typical Danish dishes are real soul food. For example, everything is preferably combined with sweet remoulade, which makes every dish Danish in an instant. The specialities that taste best with remoulade include chips and meatballs, as well as the typical hot dogs with red sausages and the popular Smørrebrød (“butter bread” in English).

There are no limits to what you can eat, but fish is often used: herring, plaice, eel and cod. As a main course, these are combined with boiled potatoes, for example.

Danish remoulade
Danish remoulade
Smörrebröd with salmon
Smörrebröd with salmon

Danish cake and biscuit recipes

Danish pastries
Danish pastries: sweet Danish pastries and cinnamon buns

Baked goods are particularly popular in Denmark: The typical bread rolls (rundstykker, boller and terbirkes) are of course a must at a Danish breakfast. The Danes also love sweet pastries, cakes and biscuits. And coffee, of course. You will find a particularly large selection in the numerous Danish bakeries. If you prefer, you can of course bake the treats yourself.

Aebleskiver: Danish pancakes recipe
Aebleskiver: Danish pancakes
Wienerbröd recipe
Wienerbröd: Danish pastries
Danish butter biscuits recipe
Danish butter biscuits
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