North Cape: the northernmost point of Scandinavia

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Visiting the North Cape is a dream for many. Travelling to the northernmost point of land in Europe in Norway and looking out over the Arctic Ocean is very popular and for a lot of people, it is the desired destination of a Scandinavian road trip.

Why go on holiday to the North Cape?

For many people, the North Cape is the ultimate destination on a road trip through Scandinavia. As the northernmost point, it not only has a special geographical significance, but is also the perfect end point for a trip from southern Scandinavia. This allows you to see the whole of Norway and, depending on the route, other Nordic countries from south to north, which gives you the opportunity to explore many different sights and landscapes.

North Cape view
The North Cape offers an impressive view.

Where is the North Cape located?

The North Cape is the northernmost point in Scandinavia. It is located in northern Norway on the island of Magerøya and juts out into the Arctic Ocean. Located in the province of Finnmark, the North Cape is about 2000 kilometres away from Oslo. Nearby you will find small towns such as Skarsvåg and Gjesvær.

North Cape: Weather and best time to visit

North cape: Weather
The best time to visit the North Cape is summer.

The North Cape is located in the subpolar climate zone, which means that it can get very cold, compared to other Central and Western Europe, especially in the winter months, with average daily temperatures of up to -9°C. The highest daytime temperatures can be found in July with an average of 16°C.

The best time to visit the North Cape is during the summer months from June to August. During this time, the roads in northern Norway are easily passable and camping is also possible without any problems. For many, the North Cape does not lose its appeal in winter. However, then it can only be reached via a small road together with a snow-clearing convoy.

You should also bear in mind that the North Cape is exposed to polar days and nights, as it lies north of the Arctic Circle. The sun no longer appears above the horizon from 20 November to 22 January, while it no longer sets from 14 May to 29 July.

Sights at the North Cape

The most famous scenic landmark of the North Cape is the viewing platform at Nordkapphallen. In addition to the museum, including a cinema, restaurant and post office, you can also find the North Cape Globe, which most travellers want to reach. The museum has been located on the 307 metre high cliff since 1978. Guided tours to the North Cape are organised from various locations.

North Cape: Sights
The viewing platform at the North Cape is a popular tourist destination.

Accommodation at the North Cape

In the area around the North Cape, you will find a large selection of different hotels, guesthouses and holiday homes, most of which are located in the surrounding small towns. Many people prefer small, cosy guesthouses or their own holiday home. Camping is an alternative and even wild camping is permitted in Norway.

Cruises to the North Cape

Many people travel to the North Cape as part of a cruise. This allows you to marvel at the entire west coast of Norway and visit other places in Iceland, for example the Faroe Islands and the Orkney Islands. These cruises start, for example, in Norway itself or at other coasts in these waters such as Great Britain.

Travelling to the North Cape

You can travel to the North Cape by car, motorhome or boat. Many people travel there on a road trip and therefore opt for a car or motorhome. You can travel by plane to Stockholm or Kiruna and hire a vehicle there.

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