The Atlantic Road in Norway: here you will find the most beautiful road in the world

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If you are planning a trip to western Norway, you should definitely not miss the Atlantic Road (Norwegian: Atlanterhavsveien), also known as the Road of the Sea. Not only was it voted Norwegian Construction of the Century in 2005, but it was also voted the most beautiful motorway in the world by the Guardian in 2007. This specifically refers to the 8.3 kilometre long part between Molde and Kristiansund. It consists of seven bridges and replaces a ferry connection between several small islands.

The data at a glance

  • planned for almost 100 years with interruptions
  • 16 years of construction
  • opened in 1989
  • seven bridges to replace ferry connection
  • voted the most beautiful motorway in the world

Will tolls be charged when crossing the Atlantic Road?

After its opening in 1989, the road was subject to tolls for 10 years. However, as this toll had recovered its costs, it has been free to drive on since then. Until recently, however, you had to pay a toll if you drove through the subsequent Atlantic Tunnel. However, this was cancelled on 01 July 2020.

Places of interest near the Atlantic Road

But it’s not just travelling the Atlantic Road that is an adventure. There is also plenty to see and do along the route. On the island of Eldhusøya, for example, you will find a circular hiking trail that is accessible all year round.

What’s special here is that it is a slightly elevated circular trail that offers a great view. There is even a café accessible from there, however it is only open in summer.

The Storseisund Bridge

The Storseisund Bridge is the largest and most famous bridge on the Atlantic Road. With its height of 23 metres, it blends into the road, creating a truly spectacular picture and offers a great view – it is the landmark of the Atlantic Road.

Atlantic Road Norway
Atlantic Road Norway


The viewing platform at Askevågen is particularly popular with visitors, which is no wonder, as it is surrounded by three panes of glass. This makes you feel very close to the Atlantic and gives you an ideal view of every wave.

Fishing along the Norwegian Atlantic Road

Fishing along the Strait? It’s possible here! Special fishing bridges along the route are shielded from traffic, so you won’t be disturbed. The spot is said to have a particularly high yield. If you’re lucky, you might also spot seals and whales while fishing.

Getting to the Atlantic Road in Norway

The Atlantic Road can be reached by car from both Bergen and Oslo in one to two days. From Trondheim, however, you have the shortest journey of three to four hours as far as larger cities are concerned. If you are taking a road trip and travelling the entire west coast, the Atlantic Road is already on your way.

Travel tips for the Norwegian Atlantic Road at a glance

  • Both the famous stretch of road and the Atlantic Tunnel are now toll-free.
  • Car parks are available along the road.
  • Fishing is possible at special spots protected from traffic.
  • The circular hiking trail on Eldhusøya and the viewing platform at Askevågen are not to be missed.
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