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Scandinavian beauty: It’s not just Scandinavian fashion, furnishings and decoration that are currently on the rise. We can also learn a thing or two from the Scandinavians when it comes to cosmetics and skincare, as they are known for their flawless skin, fresh complexion and healthy hair for good reason. Scandinavian beauty brands rely on high-quality natural ingredients, fresh fragrances and innovative formulas and applications.

Cosmetic brands from Scandinavia

Scandinavian cosmetic brands

The Swedish Lagom principle, which means “not too much, not too little”, also applies particularly to cosmetics in Scandinavia. So it’s no wonder that a large number of cosmetics brands come from Sweden and Stockholm in particular.

Naturalness is the keyword, as most brands from the Scandinavian countries not only focus on a clean and minimalist look, but also sell natural cosmetics with nourishing ingredients from the far north. The packaging is not colourful and playful, but also typically Scandinavian – minimalist and discreet. Many cosmetics fans already swear by cosmetics and skincare products from Scandinavia. Find out about more about Scandinavian cosmetic brands and their products here.

Swedish cosmetics


Barnängen means “children’s flower meadow”: the brand from Stockholm is based entirely on the “Lagom” principle and provides you with natural skincare products for your skin. Ingredients from Scandinavian nature are used. Barnängen has been a true skincare classic in Sweden since it was founded in 1868. Their products are also available in some drugstores.

Björk & Berries

Björk and Berries, which translates as “birch and berries”, stands for highly effective skin care and sensual perfumes made from natural, organic and hand-harvested ingredients. Many of these have been used in Swedish naturopathy for centuries. The motto of the brand from northern Sweden is “Ecoluxury” and describes the harmony with nature as well as the high quality standards. All products are manufactured in Sweden.


The modern fragrance house Byredo was founded by Ben Gorham in Stockholm in 2006. The Swede with Indian roots combines a clean Scandinavian aesthetic with fruity, tart and oriental notes in his luxurious unisex fragrances. In addition to classic perfumes, this also results in matching hair and skin care products, room fragrances, candles and modern make-up.

Emma S. Skincare

The Emma S. brand was founded in 2010 by the Swedish model of the same name. Her long career in the beauty business and her time in Paris gave her the idea to develop a suitable skincare range for the daily routine for every skin type . Emma S. now offers high-quality facial care products, body care products and fragrances.


FOREO means: for everyone. The brand is the futurist among Scandinavian beauty labels. It relies on innovative technologies to enable everyone to enjoy professional skincare in their own bathroom. Beauty tools made of pastel-coloured silicone, such as electric facial cleansing brushes, massagers and app-controlled mask treatment devices that work with pulsation, heat and light, are used for this purpose. Matching Foreo masks are also available.

La Bruket

The Swedish brand La Bruket offers natural skin care products, soaps, scrubs and bath additives that are made on the west coast of Sweden and evoke that Scandinavian feeling. Plant-based and organic ingredients are used in the most natural quality possible. How about a spa bath made from seaweed followed by a sea salt scrub, for example? The clean boho design of the products also fits perfectly.

Maria Nila

Maria Nila offers professional hair care products that are 100% vegan, climate-friendly and free from animal testing. There is the right care for every hair type, whether shampoo, conditioner, mask or oil, but also various styling products for the perfect finish. All products are made in Sweden.

Noir Stockholm

The modern Stockholm brand Noir specialises in salon-worthy hair care that is particularly natural and at the same time does not neglect care or styling. Various plant extracts, oils and vitamins are used in the professional shampoos, conditioners and styling aids. The packaging is minimalist and typically Scandinavian.


When it comes to hair care , you should also take note of the Sachajuan brand, which was founded by the two Swedish hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. Their products are based on purely plant-based active ingredients from various types of algae and utilise so-called Ocean Silk technology to make hair supple. The range also includes shower gels and hair perfumes.

True Organic of Sweden

As the brand name makes clear, True Organic of Sweden specialises in natural cosmetics for the skin based on pure, certified ingredients. These include, for example, seaweed, olive oil, shea butter, sunflower oil and aloe vera. Many of the skincare products are designed to be suitable for both men and women. The manufacturer also refrains from animal testing and offers two vegan skincare ranges.

Verso Skincare

Verso comes from Latin and means “to reverse”. The brand sells some of the most popular anti-ageing products in Scandinavia. Behind the purist packaging, each labelled with a mirrored number, are high-quality skincare products for the face and skin, enriched with a nourishing complex of retinol and vitamin A. The numbers on the bottles and tubes stand for the respective product category and indicate the correct application.

Danish cosmetics


Ecooking from Denmark offers skin and body care with essential oils and plant extracts from organic cultivation. With the exception of beeswax, which is used in a few of the lip care products, the brand only uses vegan ingredients. The aim of founder Tina Søgaard has been to make “Everyday Luxury” possible for everyone since 2015.

Gosh Copenhagen

Not only are most of the Danish make-up brand’s products vegan and fragrance-free, they are also not tested on animals. Gosh Copenhagen offers everything you need for perfect Scandinavian-style styling: In addition to classics such as lipstick, mascara and eye shadow, the range also includes brushes and hair care products.

Kjær Weis

Make-up and matching utensils for a successful, natural Scandi style are available from the Danish brand Kjær Weis. The great thing about the beauty label is its sustainability. All products are made from purely natural ingredients and can also be refilled to avoid unnecessary packaging waste. The brand’s brushes are made from synthetic fibres and are therefore vegan.


The Meraki brand offers Danish wellness and care products in a stylish design and organic quality. It even has its own line of bath products for children. Matching home and bathroom accessories are also available, such as scented candles, fragrance sticks, mirrors, towels, cosmetic bags and much more.


The packaging design of Nuori’s products alone promises Scandinavian modern clarity. As far as the ingredients are concerned, the Danish brand is just as transparent and clean: the luxurious skincare is 100% natural. There are no synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colourings. Under the motto “Fight for Fresh”, all products are regularly produced fresh in small batches so that they do not lose their effectiveness.

Norwegian cosmetics


The Alexander Sprekenhus brand originates from the Norwegian capital Oslo and fills high-quality care products in stylish brown apothecary bottles with minimalist labelling. Although the brand relies on a mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients, natural argan oil is one of the most important. In addition to skin, hair and body care, Sprekenhus also offers perfumes and scented candles.

Neutrogena: Norwegian hand cream & foot cream

Even though Neutrogena does not actually come from Scandinavia, the brand has been known for its hand creams with the “Norwegian formula” since the end of the 1980s. There is now an entire range, including matching foot creams and face and body care products, which contain the Norwegian formula. The special thing about it is the natural glycerine it contains. The creams are said to provide the skin with particularly intensive moisturisation.

Scandinavian cosmetics for men

Nõberu of Sweden

The Swedish brand specialises in men’s grooming. You will find all the utensils and products you need for shaving and beard care, as well as hair care and skin care products. The speciality is the high-quality ingredients, such as argan oil or green tea, as well as the tangy and fresh fragrances.

SØN of Barberians

The cosmetics brand SØN of Barberians comes from Denmark and offers selected products for young men’s skin – including masks, serums, peelings etc. Enriched with natural ingredients from Scandinavia, such as algae or plant extracts, the products are designed to perfect the daily skincare routine for men.

Beauty guide: The Scandinavian skincare routine

Natural beauty in Scandinavia
Natural beauty: Both the style and the products of Scandinavian women are natural.

Want to be beautiful like the Scandinavians? Scandinavian cosmetics and skincare products suit you if you favour naturalness – and not just in terms of styling, but also in terms of ingredients and quality. With natural cosmetics, you should pay attention to which substances are good for your skin and hair type. In Scandinavia, extracts from nature, such as algae, sea salt, dune herbs or forest and meadow flowers, have been used for centuries.

It is also important to care for your body, skin and hair regularly and in the right order with the right products to create a routine. Here, too, the Scandinavian middle ground is right: intensive care is good, but it shouldn’t be too much.

1. Cleansing


Scandinavians are known for their flawless skin, despite the cold and humid air in the far north. This is why it is particularly important to cleanse the face properly in the morning and evening. Above all, it should be the right products for your skin type. Flannels or cleansing brushes can help with this.

Scrubs and face masks can be used every one to two weeks to give your skin a skin care boost. Hair should also be washed with the right shampoo for your hair type. Scandinavian women prefer natural soaps with nourishing ingredients to keep their hands clean.

2. Grooming


The next step is the right skincare for a healthy complexion. This should be applied in the morning and evening directly after cleansing and should also be tailored to your skin type. Serums and gel-based products are more suitable as a lighter moisturiser for the day and as a base for subsequent make-up.

If your skin is particularly dry or stressed, a moisturising and intensive cream can be applied in the evening. The same applies to hand and foot care.

When it comes to hair, Scandinavians favour healthy and full lengths. Use conditioner regularly and apply a hair mask or hair treatment every one to two weeks.

3. Styling


Finally, it’s time for styling, i.e. make-up and hairstyling. The Scandinavian look is perfect for those who prefer a fresh, natural look. A loose, open hairstyle, light daytime make-up and healthy, well-groomed hands and nails are all part of the Scandi style.

These come into their own particularly well when the cleansing and care are right. The styling is therefore just the icing on the cake of a well-functioning and well-coordinated skincare routine. However, if you like a little more colour, you can also use it discreetly on your lips and nails.

Matching: Scandinavian cosmetic utensils and bathroom accessories

Bath accessoires

Of course, stylish cosmetic utensils, accessories and bathroom accessories in Scandinavian design are also a must for Scandinavian cosmetics. Popular brands include Zone Denmark, Meraki, Broste Copenhagen, HK Living and Bloomingville.

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